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How to avoid Readmission Rates | Agnos

Published on November 25, 2021


Readmission rate is a crucial fact that is gaining traction among healthcare providers. Not only does it expose the quality of healthcare, but it also works as a determining condition for providers to receive Medicare funding,

The main goal is to prevent spending unnecessary money that could have been avoided. It is known that healthcare companies struggle due to the number of complex tasks that need to be done parallelly, and summing this up with the responsibility of being updated with the EHRs (Electronic Health Records), it may become a little tense and harsh for employees to deliver their best on a day-on-day basis. 

The possible reasons for readmission rate to happen are many. It can either be for malpractice,  not being able to deliver a diagnosis, hospital infections or simply it can be out of everybody’s capabilities, but still, the obligation to provide excellent care remains, this why the way you handle the healthcare journey from scratch is going to be the game-changer for your company.


There are several measurements your company can take to avoid readmission rates. Following are some of the most important ones.

Awareness about the importance of follow-up consultations

The awareness of how important follow-up consultations are after medical events has not been spread yet. People tend to find them overwhelming or unnecessary, but the truth is that this practice can turn out to be the deciding factor to possibly catch any future negative outcome. What a regular person might consider as a normal sign can be identified as a potential symptom by someone specialized in healthcare. Consciousness about personal health is one of the most important aspects to work on. It’s the provider’s job to let people know about how crucial the follow-ups are.

Remote patient monitoring

Nowadays the roles in healthcare are being redefined by innovation in Technology. Remote patient monitoring can help you catch warning signs in time before an emergency occurs. It can even be an incentive for people that struggle with presenting to appointments or to avoid unnecessary exposures to hospital infections and the subtasks it carries, this is the perfect fit for people that are overwhelmed with busy schedules. It’s not the same to find some time from the comfort of your home, or in your work than having to leave everything to assist a consultation.

Alerts and reminders

In order to be part of your patient’s health, a message, a notification, an alert might be simply what reminds them to get to an appointment or could literally be what saves their lives. It’s not invasive and it’s an efficient practice. It works for keeping the patient updated about their health and their annual checks, also to help with the after-consultation progress. 

Technology usage optimization

The world is well aware of the possibilities technology has enabled in science and medicine. The thing is that it not only helps to perform complex procedures and fastening processes. Technology can also help elevate patient experience. The optimization of technology usage literally means to use it for the sake of improvement while utilizing every aspect of it in your favor. What if every administrative task could be centralized on one software that makes all of the previous points explained possible through a mobile application? The biggest blocker for providers is to make all of the tasks clear and achievable interweaving in the workflow, the administrative tasks with the care-related ones.

We at Agnos have more than 10 years of expertise in the field. We create customized apps that fit every business to its maximum capabilities. We can guide you through the digital transformation at an unprecedented pace.

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