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COVID-19: Top 13 Myths To Be Busted | Agnos

Published on December 16, 2021

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Ever since the pandemic started, the biggest challenges have been to learn how to take care of ourselves, and also how to identify if the information circulating all over the world is precise and trustworthy.

With too much uncertainty and lack of scientific information, there is multiple news spread across the globe that can easily generate panic or rushed and unthought actions that can put not only individuals but society at risk. Nowadays, with almost 2 years of journey, more accurate information has been gathered by the science and technology community, the vaccine has been developed and applied across the globe and its effects have already started speaking for themselves. 

Despite information having been put on the table, there are still myths circulating that are not real. In an era of connectivity and immediacy, it is really easy to get lost in the plethora of multiple pieces of information consumed on a daily basis. 

Here are the top 13 Myths that can help you clear your mind and understand the repercussions of the virus in detail.

1: The Covid-19 vaccine can generate variants.

False. COVID-19 variants happen after being in constant flux and going through a mutation process. A whole cycle of contagions needs to happen for a new variant to emerge.

Before the COVID-19 vaccines were distributed, different variants already existed.

2: COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips.

False. Vaccines are developed only to combat the coronavirus. The only purpose is to ease the spread of the virus, not from any perspective to track movements. 

You can find the ingredients of the vaccine here.

3: The fatality rate of COVID-19 is low, so you don’t need to be vaccinated.

False. The vaccine not only works to protect you from severe infections and hospitalization but most importantly helps protect everyone. While being young, healthy, and not presenting any chronic disease, it’s more likely that nothing terrible happens, but this doesn’t mean that the virus won't reach others and make people that are vulnerable suffer the consequences.

4: Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine can make you magnetic.

False. There are no ingredients that could produce any magnetic force, every COVID-19 vaccine is free from metals. Including the place where the vaccine is put, which is usually the arm, all the body is free of producing an electromagnetic field due to the vaccine itself.

5: You don’t have to wear a mask or respect social distancing after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. 

False. The vaccines are effective and prevent contagions, they also help ease the symptoms but yet, they don’t fully prevent the spread. The mask is a precautionary measurement. All of them that can be applied, must be.

6: The COVID-19 vaccine can alter DNA.

False. There is no interaction between the DNA and the vaccine so it is safe to say that it doesn’t make any change to it. The vaccines work by delivering instructions (genetic material) to our cells to start building defenses against the virus, but the material never enters the nucleus of the cell, where the DNA is present.

7: The COVID-19 vaccine can make you contract the virus.

False. There is no vaccine that contains the live virus, so it can’t make you sick. The vaccine simply teaches the immune system how to recognize and confront the virus. During this process, symptoms can or can’t be expressed. If they do, they should remain mild, meaning that the body is responding to the stimulus.

8: Drinking Bleach or Sodium chlorite protects you from COVID-19.

False. THE FDA warned that drinking these substances can make you sick. The way to receive protection against the virus is through vaccination. The incorporation of these substances is highly encouraged to not be consumed.

9: It’s not safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you want to have a baby one day.

False. COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for every person that is 5 years or older. People trying to get pregnant at the moment, or might become soon, are included too, also the partners.

10: COVID-19 vaccines lack effectiveness against new variants.

This information is being thoroughly studied. In spite of this, the vaccination can be easily adjusted as the flu vaccines are each year. The technology used for its development has been studied and been in application for years.

11: There’s no need to vaccinate if you already had COVID-19.

There is no accurate information regarding the natural immunity that can be gained after having the disease. There have already been cases of people being reinfected. Even though it can elevate or provide immunity temporarily, the correct way of proceeding is to vaccinate.

12: COVID-19 vaccine didn’t have enough clinical trial participants for it to be safe.

False. Tens of thousands of participants were enrolled. The proper follow-up was made for 2 months after receiving the second dose. This is common in trials.

13: Children don’t need to vaccinate because they can’t get severely sick.

False. Even though it’s less likely, they can. A COVID-19 vaccine can help them avoid short or long-term complications. Also, children that are more vulnerable to different conditions can be at higher risk. By vaccinating children not only they are protected, but everyone is since it helps to stop the contagion chain.

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There have never been more uncertain times, and where there’s so much going on, information is key to have tools and resources to face the fake-news campaigns invading every space.

The world has been striving to get back on its feet and managed to achieve milestones in shorter times than ever before hence it’s important to stay updated and proceed with preventive measurements to ease this pandemic.

We at Agnos have the desire to contribute to our society. While we revolutionize the Healthcare industry with technology, we want to grow awareness and connect the dots for everyone to be informed and updated with what’s happening globally.

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