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How to Hire the Right People | Agnos

Published on October 20, 2021


Getting people onboard your company is a sensitive operation for any start-up. The people who work with you are the building blocks of your company. They represent support and facilitate how your business operations and the image will be. With so much importance around these individuals, it’s very easy for founders to make the mistake of hiring the wrong person for the wrong job.
Initially, things might seem smooth sailing until your employee starts to show signs that he/she probably isn’t cut out for what was assigned to them. By the time this information dawns upon you, it might be a little too late. 

To keep things simple, you as an employer have to make sure that a sharp eye is utilized during the hiring process. Be it the most experienced employee or an intern - they are all equally important in contributing to the welfare of the company. To avoid this, the onboarding needs to be meticulously conducted.

Motivation Check

You have built the company on a certain culture and vision with which you hope to one day thrive and succeed as a business person. This is extremely personal and tends to be misunderstood if not accurately projected to the other person. When hiring, it must be stressed that this is not your company or their company, it is ‘our’ company. This makes it easier to understand the vision for the future and if in the situation the interviewee shares the same passion and vigor as you do, 50% of the hiring process is complete. 

Right Skill Set

Many establishments make the error of hiring individuals who just aren’t the right fit for the position they are given. Yes, they might share the same passion - but when it boils down to what operation they are to handle in the company, the pieces might not fit every time. On many occasions, the employees themselves think they are fit for one job when in reality, they can flourish in another position in the company. Identifying this should be a responsibility held in high regard during the hiring process. It can make or break the future of your venture.

Resume is secondary

On the lines of the curriculum vitae, one should never formulate an idea of an individual's performance and capability based on the first impression of their resume. It can harm the hiring process and creates a filter through which key elements might be assumed and missed out on causing your establishment to miss a potential winner to work with. 

Long Term vs. Short Term

Sometimes, potential employees can be far from grounded with their vision for their future and can pull your company down. Being able to note who will stay and who will hop on to the next company is crucial. Many individuals will come by for a quick buck and can leave on a whim. This harmful inflow of erratic employees will create an erratic business. With the rise of work from home jobs, this tends to occur a lot in today’s world. In this scenario, an employee's resume can shed some light on their past experiences and the duration of their employment with previous employers. This will help assess whether they're in for the long run or just for the sprint. 

A Structured Interview 

A well-rounded interview to base their performance can help project their skill set, personality, temperament, and essentially everything you need to know about your potential employee. During this individual’s job search period, they tend to be different people with different companies based on what they want. If you as a founder manage to zero in on the perfect interview, you can accurately assess the interviewee almost every single time. This negates any future possibilities of having issues with the employee. A good interview is directly proportional to a good employee.


All in all, attention should always be paid to this hiring process. If done right, you and your employees can flourish together as a company. Agnos has always sought out high standards during our hiring and makes sure that the interviewees hit the mark every, single, time.

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Samuel Levy
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