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New perspective on Patient Experience | Agnos

Published on December 21, 2020


Do healthcare providers need a new perspective on Patient Experience? What are the shifting expectations of patients, especially considering Covid-19? 

The Digital Revolution, like the Industrial Revolution, will claim many healthcare companies as "victims" because they could not adapt to the changing expectations of patients.

The behavior known from the past is now obsolete. The parameters of good care and fine experience have changed. 

As a healthcare provider, you may be vulnerable to failure sooner than you think if you are not already executing projects against Digital Transformation/Patient Experience.

Nowadays there are no replacements for the quality of experience that IT (Information Technology) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can provide.

There are too many fronts to attack, so a patient-experience mindset must be applied, combined with high-end technology, sustained by a team that provides creativity, knowledge, and expertise.

The only possible scenario is the one where innovation and growth are the premises of the company since digitization has converted itself into the most convenient path to grow a business, and if you want to prevail it’s the only way to do so.

Imagine someone saying to you years ago that Borders, Xerox, Kodak, Nokia, TWA, and Bear Stearns would all be failed companies? Which companies helped force these household names to fail? Google, Facebook, and Amazon are on the shortlist.

The world wasn’t even worried about or acknowledged Covid’s effects, and this transformation was already being witnessed. This being said, it helps to determine the most important reason why this change is so crucial, and it is nothing more than ‘Adaptability’. 


As predictably, everything related to the digital world intensified, and only the companies capable of adapting to the market needs were the ones to thrive.

The DNA of these "Exponential Organizations'' revolves around the perpetual focus on Digital Transformation and an obsession with Customer Experience. Can it happen to you? Consider why Google Health just hired the former CEO of Geisinger Health? Why did Amazon, JPMorgan, and Berkshire Hathaway just form Haven as a healthcare partnership? Should you be worried that Haven can offer healthcare to 100 million Amazon Prime members?

Are you going to oversee your own Digital Transformation? Remember, "the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient!"

Please read our Patient Experience Management in an Era of Healthcare Consumerization white paper, and learn how healthcare organizations can improve their bottom line by focusing on patient experience management.


Let Agnos help you with your digital transformation. 


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Samuel Levy

Samuel Levy
With an extensive background and deep leadership experience, Samuel Salomon Levy, CEO, is the brain and the decision-maker that guides every team across the company. CEO, Agnos
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