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Let’s Build a Roadmap to Seamless Transformative Experiences With SCORE!

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Let us help you focus your projects to deliver your goals of revenue growth, cost savings, and enhanced customer experience.

Modern customers are digitally empowered, always connected, and are powerful enough to define their own buyer journey. This evolving landscape induces businesses to invest in disruptive technologies and new business models to effectively engage with the customers at each touchpoint in their CX lifecycle. Businesses investing in technologies like big data, AI, and IoT are able to set the bar high for the competitors by meeting customer demands effectively in an agile manner.

This powerful convergence of marketing and technology help businesses create personalized seamless customer experiences at each stage of the CX journey, both by meeting customer needs promptly, and improving offerings based on quick customer feedback. These experiences have emerged as the key driver of sustainable business growth, creating loyal, committed, brand followers, thus translating into millions of dollars of annual revenue. To successfully tread this path, organizations need a concoction of business consultancy, power of analytics, creative guidance, and a technology thrust. At Agnos, we analyze your current processes and models and offer you the right concoction to fill in the missing pieces helping you build transformative experiences.

"The sooner companies realize that there is only one boss., the customer., the sooner that the next competitive battleground will be The Customer Experience!"
- Susan Leigh Dowdy

Susan Leigh Dowdy, Agnos Chief Customer Experience Officer, Global. Susan has over 15 years of experience in designing, installing, and managing customer service practices in Fortune 50 companies as well as entrepreneurial start-ups. While serving as global head at American International Group (AIG), Susan and her team consolidated customer “best service practices” in operations spanning 78 countries and 25 lines of business. Her “from the mailroom to the boardroom” approach is evidence of her belief that inclusion of all perspectives is key to success.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Current state analysis: We understand all your customer-facing operations must offer the same ‘Wow Factor’ to delight your customers from end to end. To make sure, we offer you a diagnostic tool called ‘SCORE’ that diagnoses the health of customer-facing operations, evaluate your allocation of digital assets and commitment to your triple bottom line.
  • Identify Areas of Improvement: Based on your SCORE, areas for service improvements are identified and resources are prioritized for specific target areas that need attention. It is then considered whether you should implement a new process, modify a current process, or stop doing something altogether that does not add value to your promise to your customers.
  • Competitive Strategy: Once the areas of improvement are identified, a strategy to align new technology with service areas, modern business models, and social responsibility platforms is created to augment customer experiences and ensure the business maintains a competitive edge. Agnos helps you clearly define why,how and where to engage customers.
  • Implementation: Agnos will help you implement the strategy to become a digital business that can offer exceptional customer experiences. We will help you build an agile connected infrastructure that can support and encourage the usage of data tools and customer-facing technologies to capture real-time insights, providing responsive customer-experiences.

Let’s Begin the CX Journey!

Get Ready to Know Your SCORE with Agnos

SCORE is a non-invasive diagnostic tool developed by the Agnos Customer Experience Center of Excellence designed to diagnose the strength of your customer-centric operations, assess the allocation of your digital resources and commitment to your triple bottom line.


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We determine your SCORE.


Triple Bottom Line

How does it work?

SCORE analyses your business based on 12 unique capabilities and reveals the percentage of points earned. Once your SCORE is calculated, we will have a blueprint that can be used to identify areas for service improvements, gaps in technology adoption and missing pieces for implementing the new business models. The analysis will help you to prioritize resources for specific areas that need attention. We can help you understand where a new process needs to be implemented, where you can simply modify or eliminate a current process.

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We determine your SCORE.


Identify potential service issues and "quick win" solutions.


Determine "next steps".

SCORE is a non-invasive assessment that measures and validates the current state performance of customer-facing operations using a triple bottom line.


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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this works.

What will we do when we take our SCORE?

We will triage the health of your customer-facing operations by answering “30 Questions in 30 Minutes.”

What will my SCORE tell me?

Your SCORE will reveal the “current state” of 12(+) capabilities within your customer-facing operations. Are your customer service levels unacceptable, basic, good, world-class, or trademark?

Why should I get my SCORE?

You should know your SCORE so you will be able to know how to properly allocate your time, budget, and people for your customer-facing operations.

How much will this cost?

There is no cost for the “30 Questions In 30 Minutes” Session. We will discuss “next steps” based on your customized timeframe, budget, and resources.

When can we get started?

No time like the present! Register now for your complimentary “30 Questions in 30 Minutes” at

Why Agnos?

In the present scenario, customer experience and digital experience imply the same thing. Brands must increasingly exert more effort on their digital makeover to keep pace with customers, who expect and demand easy, frictionless, and custom-made experiences in their moments of need.

Agnos can help enterprises prioritize improving the customer experience and building out their digital ecosystem while keeping a close watch on the changing customer expectations.

Here are a few compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • Our proprietary tool SCORE can help you identify the missing components of your CX strategy, helping you laser focus on specific areas of improvement thus helping you use your resources wisely.
  • Agnos helps you do things differently to enhance your customers’ experiences, driving better business results including augmented revenue, better differentiation, and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • At Agnos, we are a one-stop solution to all your IT needs, so whether it’s your website that needs updating, your enterprise systems that need to be integrated, or if you need to set up your CRM for better CX- we can help you with everything.
  • Agnos can assist you to leverage partnerships intelligently thus easing much of the burden of transformation, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and letting others fill in the gaps.


Let’s tread the path to digital transformation for better customer experiences!

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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos offers customer experience services to help companies prioritize experience transformation as a mindset, to help them understand changing customer expectations and fill the technology void, leading to better results, enhanced revenue, and customer satisfaction.