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Given the “perfect storm” of expanding disruptive landscape coupled with cost-cutting pressures and increasing business demands; many IT organizations are struggling to thrive. They need pragmatic, agile, next-gen IT strategies that can generate greater business value and can effectively address insistent business needs.

We, at Agnos, innovate with our clients to reinvent their businesses. We help them align the New IT with their business objectives and help them explore new possibilities of growth with actionable intelligence at the core.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Current State Assessment: Assess the maturity, strengths, and weaknesses of your business and digital processes, applications, infrastructure, and data centers against your business objectives to help you rethink some fundamental process and identify high-value innovative opportunities.
  • Statistics: Quantify your current IT Cost to Serve and related return on investment and also benchmark your organization against competitors and peer groups in the digital sphere.
  • Digital Strategy & New Business Models: In consultation with critical stakeholders, we help you with data-driven insights and evolved business models to support the current and future digital needs of your business.
  • Strategy Implementation: Using diagnostic tools, agile practices, and industry-specific regulatory frameworks, we assist you to implement the digital strategies in an optimized way to achieve faster results, improved efficiency, and innovation while controlling risks and costs.
  • Skilled Resources: Agnos and its strategic partners have an army of experienced, highly qualified software engineers skilled at Next-Gen technologies in addition to practitioners from strategy, finance, consulting and other verticals to help your organizations seamlessly achieve SMART digital goals.

Digital Strategy

Our comprehensive digital strategy services revolve around business understanding, digital strategy, experience, and implementation skills.

Enterprise Architecture

Our enterprise architecture services align the direction, performance, and on-going health of the application, information, and technology architecture with business and digital strategies.

IT Operations Optimization

Our IT operations services help address the challenges of increasing demands on your IT organization to “fight fires” while offering value-added services to the business.

Business Continuity and Recovery

Our Business Continuity and Recovery services help you manage regulatory compliance, offer improved systems availability and data protection while seamlessly integrating IT operational risk management strategies.

Customer Experience

Our customer experience services can help you identify potential areas of improvement in your customer-facing operations so you can delight your customers by offering them a wow experience.

Why Agnos?

We help our clients develop pragmatic & innovative new-age digital strategies that can be implemented rapidly and effectively. Our experienced strategists and skilled practitioners equally focus on an effective strategy formation as well as the execution and achievement of the intended business results.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We maintain a laser focus on business outcomes while considering technology as a means to a business end and are quick to assess the current state alignment of your existing digital and business strategy.
  • We can help you determine quick-win opportunities to align IT with business needs to ensure optimal resource allocation and IT investment.
  • We can help you develop an appropriate IT roadmap that gets you to your destination by realistically considering speed bumps such as budget constraints, resource skills readiness and availability, organizational capacity to change, and more.
  • We help you determine the future state IT strategies, capabilities, investments, service portfolio, organizational design, and operations model needed to exploit emerging business opportunities.
  • We have experienced strategists that come from the trenches as former CIOs, Chief Architects, and IT Strategy Directors who are solely focused on achieving your desired business results.
  • We are more cost-competitive than our competition and offer exceptional value with our Gain Share Model that allows you to pay a fair amount for the performance received and not just promised.


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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos offers Digital Strategy and Transformation Consulting Services to help you deal with the digital disruption. We collaborate with you to create the digital strategy and agenda and help you transform your business for the future.