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The passion that startups exhibit in their desire to change the world is unparalleled, and the impact they have on the US society is impressive. The Kaufman Foundation Index of Entrepreneurial Activity asserts that in 2017, startups generated 5.27 jobs per 1000 people in the US, and 45% of the new entrepreneurs were from minority groups, which is commendable.

With a social entrepreneurial mind-set, at Agnos, we believe in promoting and supporting these startups to help them get into the mainstream. We prepare and nurture the new ventures for growth and scale by offering them the required guidance and support, and help them build-up the necessary infrastructure. From product or service planning, lean management, operational assistance to go-to-market strategies, we assist start-ups at every stage of development.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Impact Investing: At Agnos, we are "Impact Investors" that make investments into companies, organizations, and funds intending to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.
  • Planning: Offer support to prepare a great pitch deck for potential funders, plan a good prototype to test your product, conduct thorough market research, and to prepare financial projections and contingency plans.
  • Implementation: Offer support to work around your investment constraints, monthly cash-flow projections, technological, financial, and legal know-how, go-to-market strategies, networking, and mentoring throughout your start-up journey.

Startup Planning Services

We will help you build a world-class business plan (target markets, Porter's 5 forces, capital requirements, revenue etc.) get funding or financing, help you with sales and marketing, set up your business (attorneys, accountants, HR, technology etc.) and immediately plug you in to an extensive network of business and IT movers and shakers who can coach you or even become your first clients.

Startup Execution Services

We will help you execute your strategy and business plan by ensuring laser focus on execution accountability, essentially the ‘Who doing What by When’ that enables you to achieve your business plans within defined timelines. We will help you work within your constraints around investment and spending plans and help you prioritize against the critical path of your business plan. We also help you respond effectively to the changing market demands to enhance the likelihood of seeking better returns by staying close to your customers, learning from your competitors, and in maintaining organizational alignment between functional areas as sales & marketing, and engineering.

Why Agnos?

We believe in profit with a purpose. We believe that not just embracing entrepreneurship but teaching and inspiring "all" folks about the virtues of entrepreneurship will lead our country towards greater prosperity. We are not just entrepreneurs but "social entrepreneurs” which makes a significant difference in our motivation to work with you.

Being experts, we understand the challenges that a new organization faces in optimizing the use of business resources to support growth. We help you understand your current cost to serve and highlight the areas where you can reduce your capital expenditures and operational costs.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service provider:

  • We bring strategic advice, access to networks and a passion for harmony and teaming up which is likely different than other firms interested in working with Start-ups.
  • We have top gun resources that bring with it extensive experience and lessons learned in nurturing a start-up firm from thought to going public.
  • Our network of professionals will bring you organizational and business clarity from having been in the trenches for so many years.
  • We have access to large amounts of capital that can support your funding needs now and in the future.
  • We can put together high-quality investor syndicates and our investors bring the financial discipline and frugality which is critical to the startup environment.
  • Our extensive network and ecosystem of business and IT contacts will help not only build your organization but also boost your business in terms of customer acquisition, hiring, portfolio access, etc.


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