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Samuel Salomon Levy’s Journey | Agnos

Published on October 08, 2019


I’ve always loved sayings like “Every waterfall starts with one drop of rain,” or “It's better to have Remorse than Regret.” I’ve been “working for the man” as they say for almost my entire career. I’ve had the honor of working for amazing companies like IBM, Unisys, Accenture, and Microsoft and have had amazing and extremely challenging work experiences.

But at the same time as I was gaining invaluable corporate experience, I was also, like any corporate citizen, bumping up against corporate bureaucracy and the dreaded “not invented here” mentality of the corporate gatekeepers. These are the people who had climbed the corporate ladder by executing the existing business model, achieving their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and maintaining “the way things are.” To these people, new Ideas were scary as these new ideas threatened “what was known.” Of course, these same people championed “innovation” as a critical success factor for the future and asked everyone “to lean in.”

In 2010, I started envisioning a “purpose-driven” software development and consulting company with social entrepreneurship woven in its very fabric, a company that offers the right workplace culture, handpicks resources, and encourages ‘lifetime employment.’ I wanted to create a company that could bridge the digital divide. Please take a quick look at our About Us page to know more.

Agnos is Founded    

In 2012, I officially registered my company, Agnos, and created a foundation website, which stayed in hidden mode for quite some time due to my other work commitments. However, as Oprah Winfrey says, “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” So, in 2016, I decided to give it all and started the adventure by creating a small strong team of handpicked software engineers and consultants from around the world, and began reaching out to potential clients.   

Our Journey So Far!

Since 2016, I and my team have been working relentlessly to make this dream come true. We have been collaborating with and serving B2B companies to fulfill their complex software development needs, with a special focus on the healthcare sector. We realized that the changing market dynamics and disruptive technologies have made it difficult for many B2B companies to:

  • Fully understand the inevitability of adopting new innovative technology solutions and staying future-ready
  • Find the befitting technology solutions tailored to their specific business needs and the benefits they can accrue 
  • Afford highly qualified and skilled resources to manage the transformation

To overcome these challenges, we have been actively helping our clients by offering them optimal technology solutions to reduce their IT costs and optimize their IT operations, while making their businesses grow stronger. We design, develop, deploy, and maintain the right software solutions for our clients!

Since its inception, our team’s priority has been serving our clients in the best possible way, and hence, we deferred the task to modernize our website. However, the wait is now over!  

Tomorrow Starts Today- I am now the Boss of Me!   

TODAY marks a BIG day for my team and me. I am thrilled to announce the launch of our redesigned website today, October 8, 2019. I am proud of our team that has built a wonderful website which I can’t wait to share with everyone.

This announcement is not just about the launch of our new website, The website symbolizes the first drop of rain in what will one day hopefully become a waterfall. The website helps me appreciate that “I am now the Boss of Me!” We are slowly but surely growing our team, adding new business, and working passionately every day to delight our customers and employees. If we don’t make it, I’ll have great remorse but certainly not the regret of never having tried. I share these thoughts to not only celebrate our own entrepreneurial journey but also to possibly inspire some of you who might be reading this and now finding the inspiration to start your own business, whether outside or inside your existing company. As the saying goes, “Just Do It!” Why can’t your Tomorrow start Today?

We are here to help you in any way possible. Please follow us on our journey but also let us help you in beginning your own “startup” journey. Please reach out to me if you need the figurative “kick in the ass” to turn your idea for a new business venture into reality. We’ll be glad to help you in any way possible, whether we actually do business together or not. To maybe coin a new phrase, based on an adage from years gone by, “Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs of the world unite!”

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Samuel Levy

Samuel Levy

CEO, Agnos
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With an extensive background and deep leadership experience, Samuel Salomon Levy, CEO, is the brain and the decision-maker that guides every team across the company.
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