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IT Organization Design and Staffing

Identifying the "game-changers" in your organization

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We can help you identify the "game changers" in your organization – special leaders in both business and IT – who have the vision and influence to start an IT Transformation. We identify, engage, and work with game-changers to develop a strategy and set an agenda that the rest of the organization can rally around. We work together with your team to detail the Current State, create a compelling enterprise Future Vision, and develop a hypothesis for the sequencing of a Gap Closing Plan. We focus on the connections among the Business Model, Business Systems Model, Technical Systems Model, Organization Model, Economic Model, and IT Operating Model. We help you reposition the IT organization and make the strategic and organizational preparations necessary to execute.

We work together with your team on a more detailed plan and begin to execute the new strategy. In most cases, we continue with traditional consulting engagement models. In select cases, we may take on a limited, interim operating role if there are key gaps in the organization that need to be filled temporarily. During engagements, we focus on the following themes: Aligning priorities and resources; Repositioning the organization; Forming effective governing structures; Creating a multi-year resource plan; Building out the new architecture; Implementing the new IT Operating Model; We can offer you a CIO/CTO for Hire until a resource is identified who can execute the It Strategy. We can also offer you IT Staffing as a Service where we identify the resources that you need in the trenches leveraging our "follow the sun" staff acquisition model where we bring you hand-picked IT rock stars from Australia, India, Europe, North and South America that are an exceptional "bang for the buck."

We can help you create a Candidate Experience by helping you with Candidate Persona Creation and Journey Mapping. We can complete a Digital Recruiting and Staffing Audit to gauge how you are using Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Candidate Relationship Management, Digital Channel Marketing, Content Generation, and much more to find the best employees or contractors but also retain your best people who unbeknownst to you may be looking to leave your firm. We can then optimize your SEO, SEM, Channel Management across Web and Social Media channels, help you with Advertising and Analytics Services, and create compelling content in the form of videos for YouTube, Tik Tok, etc., Blog posts, Pictures for Instagram, webinars and more.

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Accelerate Your Transition to the Future

Whether you’re new to the digital space or are looking to transition to the future quickly- there’s a lot that can be done. Are you prepared with the right personnel to sustain the new and rapidly evolving software ecosystems (SECOs)?

With open-source development models and innovative process development, there’s an increasing need to restructure for flexibility, diversification, network effects, and creating additional value to manage changing customer experiences and expectations.

Using advanced analytics and insights-driven approach, we help companies identify the right design for your organization. We will help you get the right personnel who will be tailor-made for your organization shape, while staying agile and innovation-oriented to lead the marketplace.

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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos combines human creativity with cutting-edge technologies to benefit society and shape accountable businesses. Leveraging industry best practices, we help shape organizational strategies, and also help identify the marquee players in your organization to maximise your business outputs. Reach out to us today to know more.