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In today’s digitally disrupted Healthcare marketplace, if you want to achieve the best performance, responsiveness, quality, and flexibility in your healthcare IT service delivery models at affordable prices, you should be ready to associate with strategic and reliable outsourcing partners. These partners with more specialized skills and high scalability can help you swiftly transform your key operations while you can keep your focus on your core competencies.

At Agnos, our technology advisors can help you in the application of ‘New Gen Digital & Cloud Offerings’ to provide cutting-edge solutions to your most complex issues. Moreover, where appropriate, we even help you partner with specialist third-party suppliers to deliver particular business functions or processes.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Assessing the Current State: Analyze and access your healthcare organizations' complex and often inefficient IT environments and business processes to help them orchestrate the right strategies.
  • Advising Clients: Enable Healthcare clients to understand the emerging digital, cloud and next-gen technologies for rapid value creation.
  • Roadmap Creation: Creating roadmaps and blueprints in compliance with regulatory standards to best leverage the New IT for competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Sourcing and Third-party Partnerships: Helping with strategic sourcing and third-party partnership solutions for efficient supply chain management leading to increased cost savings and better risk management.
  • Implementation: Help Healthcare clients follow the roadmap and suggest changes, as required, to help them stay at the forefront of the Healthcare digital revolution.

IT Strategy Services

We will help you apply effective IT support to your business processes. We will provide you guidance on the development of an IT strategy covering applications and data architecture, and an operations strategy and will do so with experts who have deep domain expertise in your industry. We will help you leverage our broad knowledge of business and technology benchmarks within the industry. We will establish with you an IT strategy to deal with a specific external threat. We will help you resolve specific business/IT blind spots and improve related communications.

We will help you deal with a change in leadership within the Business or IT organization. We will develop an IT strategy for growth during M&A integration. We will show you how to lead productivity and innovation improvements during budget cuts. We will help you identify the game changers in your organization in both business and IT who have the vision and influence to start a transformation. We will identify, engage, and work with these business and IT game-changers to develop a strategy and set an agenda the rest of the organization can rally around. We collaborate with your team to detail the Current State, create a compelling enterprise Future Vision, and develop a hypothesis for the sequencing of a Road Map/Gap Closing Plan.

We will help you understand and focus on the connections between the Business Model, Business Systems Model, Technical Systems Model, Organization Model, Economic Model, and IT Operating Model. We will help you reposition the IT organization and make the strategic and organizational preparations necessary to execute. We will continuously work together with your team to deliver a more detailed plan. The devil is in the detail needed to execute a new IT strategy. If needed, we will take on a limited, interim operating role if there are key gaps in the organization that need to be filled temporarily. We will work through the transition phase to ensure that the new IT Strategy is aligning priorities and resources, repositioning the organization, forming effective governing structures, creating a multi-year resource plan, building out the new architecture, and implementing the new IT Operating Model.

We will ensure that your team has taken full ownership of executing the IT Strategy and assist as needed until IT Strategy and Execution are in alignment. We will conduct regular health checks, offer classes in "Best Practices" and "Lessons Learned" to ensure course corrections agreed-upon outcomes are not just delivered but maintained.

IT Outsourcing Advisory Services

We assist our clients in maximizing the value obtained from their Information Technology functions through the evaluation and selective outsourcing of IT infrastructure, applications, and/or services.

Business Process Outsourcing Advisory Services

We help assess and, where appropriate, partner with a specialist third-party supplier to deliver particular business functions or processes.

Strategic Sourcing Services

We support our clients in the execution of large and complex sourcing transactions, focusing on selecting the optimal solution for the defined requirements and obtaining the most favorable rates, terms, and conditions.

Transition Management

We assist our clients in the effective management and execution of complex projects and/or programs of work.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We will help you assess how well prepared your organization is to recover from a technology outage. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive, real-world, prioritized plan that includes precise documentation. We will assess the risks to your business of a Disaster Recovery Event. We will review the viability of your Theoretical Recovery Process. We will gauge the completeness of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Documentation. We will highlight any problems you may face from Non-Compliance or Audit Failures. We will identify the True Current State of your IT Inventory. We will create a viable Disaster Recovery Technical Implementation Plan, Disaster Recovery Application Plan, Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Plan, and Overall Company Plan.

IT Financial & Operations Audit

We will complete a comprehensive analysis to assess your organization’s entire technology structure including IT Administration reviews, Disaster Recovery Planning, Data Center Operations, and Vendor Management. We will identify pain points and which solution provides you the maximum benefit. We will assess whether your business expectations are justified by your actual capabilities. We will help you address the pressure to reduce IT Spend by finding meaningful cash flow savings.
We will identify Short & Long-Term Cost Savings. We will work with your team to get a thorough understanding of your current IT state, collaborate with you to build a right-sized future state, and then develop a comprehensive roadmap to implement changes.

IT Service Optimization Services

We will help you determine if it is time to realign your service levels. We will help you to define competitive multi-tiered SLAs to eliminate deficit spending and optimize service levels. We will help you address the challenges of too many services with little or no service levels where your business customers are regularly complaining about IT services. We will help you gauge why your support staff is struggling to meet the demands of the business. We will identify excessive support and software costs due to the lack of standardized hardware and software. We will find opportunities for you to convert capital to predictable operating expenses. We will build a roadmap to a future state where you have standardized IT services and service levels. We will identify ways to relieve pressure on staff to support diverse hardware and software. We will significantly lower capital expenditures and simplify billing processes to help eliminate deficit spending.

Vendor Management

We will help you leverage, consolidate, and negotiate the best contracts with your IT Vendors that lead to significant savings. We will help you gain a clear understanding of Vendor Contracts and Strategies. We will help you identify and prioritize additional funds. We will help you organize and manage vendor discussions. We will provide education and best practices to your team.

Remote Workplace

We will help you determine the key factors to consider for a successful remote workplace strategy including business, financial and technical drivers for an overall working solution. We will help you understand the technical components but also the expectations established at the Organization. We will outline a strategy that will guide your organization through the successful implementation of a functioning on-going solution. We will help you define an acceptable remote workplace. We will provide employee training and properly set their expectations. We will help you address common challenges of Communication and Collaboration. we will help you arrive at a thorough understanding of a successful remote workplace. We will help you with the Identification of potential software options that enhance productivity and communication. We will help you develop a strategy that meets all business requirements. We will co-build with your team a comprehensive, unbiased, strategic roadmap to implement changes.

Why Agnos?

Effective IT supplier management is critical to ensure that software, infrastructure, and services can be rapidly and efficiently deployed and that desired business outcomes are accomplished. Yet IT staff reductions and hiring freezes have left many IT organizations scrambling to do everything themselves oftentimes with detrimental consequences such as increased costs, decreased business agility, critical project delays, and increased risk.

We, at Agnos, can help you with our deep experience across a diverse portfolio of outsourcing engagements helping you achieve a competitive edge in the market using the latest technology advancements. We understand the market dynamics, the security concerns, and the vendor lock-in issues when outsourcing, and hence, we have policy frameworks in place to cover that. With third party engagements, we ensure a vendor risk management program is in place before we proceed.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We have a team of practitioners who bring deep skills and experience from their backgrounds in strategy consulting, technology, enterprise operations, outsourcing, systems integration, legal, and finance.
  • Our methodology, intellectual property, and tools are the result of our years of the trenches experience and lessons learned, helping clients weather the pitfalls of IT and Business Process Outsourcing.
  • We can help you identify exactly when and where to use external IT suppliers efficiently, and whom to partner with from a strategic point of view. We also help you develop the sourcing structures and governance models to control strategic sourcing outcomes.
  • We ensure that the provider's service agreements are consistent with your sourcing strategy and then help you manage and integrate the providers into your IT organizational design and operations model in sync with your overall business objectives.
  • We are fiercely independent and transparent and give back to our customers in the form of service credits any form of compensation we may receive from our strategic alliance partners. Based on our Gain Share model, we don't make money unless you realize the desired business outcomes we collaborate with you to define.


Achieve smart, cost effective outsourcing experiences with us,our success is inextricably linked to your success!

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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos offers healthcare IT advisory services to help you make better decisions and drive more value for every penny spent. So, explore the new operating models with us to stay ahead of the competition.