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Our Gain Share Model Makes Us a True Partner in Our Client’s Success! 

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We offer an unparalleled business commitment through our Gain Share Business Model that ties our compensation directly to achieving your desired business results rather than to project milestones or deliverables which don’t always translate directly or at all into “bang for the buck.” In a nutshell, we have our skin in the game, and our success is inseparably linked to our client's success.

Our Follow the Sun healthcare software development model brings together diverse, highly qualified, handpicked software development teams, from around the world, with varied perspectives offering innovative and affordable technology solutions.

Gain Share Model

Our Gain Share Model implies that we charge a nominal upfront fee for our services, and then use a performance-based approach that links the majority of our fees towards achieving certain benefit milestones.

This pay for performance criterion ensures that we stay completely focused on our client’s business needs and entirely objective in our technology recommendations. We only say “Mission Accomplished” when the fruits of our labor yield measurable business results for our clients.

Moreover, all product and service commissions and referral fees from our technology partners are passed back to our clients as service credits to help our clients subsidize the cost of their IT products and services purchases.

We also take great care to reduce both project cost and risk by making sure the right skills are in place to achieve project and business goals.

In a nutshell, our top priority is always our clients’ bottom line.


Here’s an overview of how our Gain Share Business Model is
different from Traditional Business Models:

Conventional Business Model 

Our Gain Share Business Model

Traditional T&M/Fixed Fee Approach We have skin in the game and we focus on understanding our client’s Most Relevant Near-term Issues and “Quick-Wins”.
Payment to provider hinges mainly on completing project tasks without any guarantee of adding value to the business We focus on the end-results. The financial impact for every single workstream forms the basis of our compensation.
Value, if realized, occurs over an extended period within which business dynamics may have shifted or changed We continuously interact with all stakeholders to understand the barriers to improvement and related underlying organizational influences.
Delivering against scope and acceptance criteria undermines risk-sharing We ensure clearly defined, measurable outcomes and have formal sharing mechanisms (action-oriented) in place.

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