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At Agnos, we redefine the recruitment landscape for healthcare organizations. We understand that the healthcare industry is evolving digitally and demands specialized skills, particularly in the realms of Product Management and Healthcare Software Development. Traditional recruitment methods often fall short of meeting these specialized needs, and that's where we come in.  

Agnos offers a comprehensive Recruitment-as-a-service (RaaS) platform designed to simplify and optimize your recruitment process from start to finish. Given the forecast that by 2026, 14% of all U.S. jobs will be in the healthcare and social assistance industry, and the healthcare industry will add nearly 4.0 million jobs, it is imperative to find efficient ways to bring in promising talent.

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Our Expertise

We've recruited for and helped build software solutions for top-notch IT healthcare clients including industry leaders in advanced wound care and patient solutions (references provided on request). We have helped place senior executives and IT professionals for our clients for the posts of Senior Manager, Tech Lead, Software Architects, Senior Software Engineers, and many more. In essence, we generate a talent pipeline fast (using automation), and at scale, while delivering massive cost savings.

Clients of Agnos and its Technology Partners

Skills Sets we can immediately help you with: 

Java Web Service Service Oriented Architecture Javascript AWS Node.js
GraphQL Typescript JQuery PHP MySQL Ruby on Rails
React JS Angular JS PostgreSQL RSpec HTML DCSS-AWS
Heroku Python Docker C++ C# DotNet

Why Agnos Can Be Your Ideal Recruitment Partner?


Building an in-house team can be expensive and inefficient, and, even if it works, it takes time. We, at Agnos, can help generate a talent pipeline fast while delivering huge cost savings by combining technology, automation, data, and experts in IT recruiting to offer you the top tech talent, when you need it.

Efficiency and Speed 

Time is of the essence in the healthcare industry. Our streamlined processes, combined with our state-of-the-art recruiting software, significantly reduce the recruitment cycle time. We focus on quality and speed, ensuring that you don't miss out on top talent due to procedural delays.

Scalability on Demand

One of the standout features of our RaaS platform is its scalability. Whether you're a startup looking to build a team from scratch or an established organization needing to ramp up your workforce, our platform can adapt to your needs. You can scale your recruiting efforts up or down without having to worry about overheads or logistics.

Unmatched Industry Expertise

Our team comprises professionals who have years of recruiting experience in healthcare Product Management and Software Development. This specialized knowledge enables us to understand your needs better and offer solutions that are both practical and effective.

Quality-Driven Approach

We believe that quality trumps quantity. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that you receive candidates who are not only technically proficient but also a good cultural fit for your organization. We aim to build long-term relationships, not just fill vacancies.

So, are you ready to transform your healthcare recruitment process and bring in the best talent the industry has to offer? Don't settle for mediocrity, choose Agnos for a recruitment experience that is efficient, effective, and exceptional.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

Crafting Impeccable Job Descriptions

The first step in attracting top-tier talent is crafting a job description that not only outlines the role but also resonates with the ideal candidate. Our team of healthcare industry experts collaborates with your HR department to create job descriptions that are both compelling and accurate. We focus on highlighting the unique aspects of each role, ensuring that the candidates understand the value they will bring to your organization.

Sourcing Exceptional Candidates  

Finding the right candidates is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our RaaS platform leverages advanced algorithms and an extensive network of professionals to source candidates who meet your specific requirements. We don't just stop at technical skills; we also consider cultural fit and long-term potential. Our sourcing methods are both proactive and reactive, ensuring a rich and diverse talent pool.

Contract our Internal Software Development team

We, at Agnos, can help you source, recruit, onboard and retain candidates your organization needs but we can also offer our experts on contract to fill in your immediate requirements. This can prove to be a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

Expert-Led Interview Process

Interviewing candidates for specialized roles require a deep understanding of the field. Our panel of world-class Product Management and Technical Subject Matter Experts conduct interviews that go beyond the usual questions. We assess candidates on technical acumen, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. Our rigorous interview process ensures that you're not just filling a vacancy but adding a valuable member to your team.

Seamless Hiring and Onboarding

The recruitment process doesn't end with a job offer. The onboarding phase is crucial for ensuring that the new hires adapt and contribute quickly. We assist you in the hiring formalities and design an onboarding process that aligns with your organizational culture and values. From documentation to orientation, we ensure a smooth transition for both the employer and the employee.


Let us help you access a broader talent pool without the overheads of a full-time recruitment team.

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Why Agnos?

The intricate nature of the healthcare IT domain demands specialized recruitment expertise. By partnering with us, you can ensure that you attract, hire, and retain the best talent in the industry, driving success and growth. We provide end-to-end hiring solutions tailored to specific industries or needs. We identify the resources that you need in the trenches leveraging our "follow the sun" staff acquisition model where we bring you hand-picked IT rock stars from Australia, India, Europe, North and South America that are an exceptional "bang for the buck." 

In essence, our Recruitment as a Service offers a comprehensive solution for companies to optimize their hiring processes, access top talent, and adapt to changing business environments, all while potentially reducing costs and administrative burdens.

Here are several reasons why a healthcare IT company might need RaaS experts like us:  

    • Healthcare IT is a unique domain that intersects the complexities of healthcare, regulations, and information technology. With years of experience in this sector, we have a better grip on what skills and knowledge are needed. 
    • RaaS can rapidly scale up or down based on hiring needs, and being experts, we can help you to respond to market demands without overcommitting your resources. 
    • Agnos streamlines the process by handling everything from sourcing and screening to interviewing and onboarding, allowing the company to focus on its core competencies. 
    • Agnos, with its pool of qualified candidates, can help match the specific requirements of the healthcare IT domain without delays. 
    • We can help reduce the need for in-house recruitment teams and resources in addition to minimizing the risk of bad hires, which can be expensive to rectify. 

  • We tailor our RaaS model to the specific needs of the company, whether it's a one-off hiring for a specific project or ongoing recruitment support.

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