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We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, creative, smart, and talented people to join our team. We offer an equal opportunity workplace and empower you to work on tasks you’re passionate about. Your views matter to us.

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Why Work for Us


Creative Freedom

We encourage innovation and creativity and embrace a workplace culture that helps you discover, explore, and use your talents. We value your ‘I have an idea’ thinking and make sure your ideas are heard, brainstormed, and implemented, where possible. We believe autonomy and flexibility foster real engagement. So, let your creative juices flow uninhibited with us.


Diverse Workforce

We have a diverse team of handpicked experts from around the globe. We believe that a diverse workforce is a highly productive workforce that can offer varied perspectives, and can lead to better community relations and more creative ideas. So, if you have the right skills, we would love to work with you.


Talented & Supportive Team

When you work for Agnos, you work with some of the most talented and enthusiastic professionals in the industry who believe in a culture of support and care for fellow employees and the local communities. So, collaborate with a team of people who are best-in-class and who can help you learn and succeed.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We care as much about making a difference as making a buck! We intend to teach vocational skills to the underprivileged to help them get access to mainstream employment opportunities. We care about the way we conduct our business, its impact on the environment, and how we can support community activities to resolve social problems. So, be a part of our initiative.


Work-Life Balance

We believe that work-life balance leads to a more productive workforce. We offer a flexible work environment, the ability to work from home, and personal time off. We understand that if employees are happy in their roles, work will feel more like a second home, and less like working for a paycheck. At Agnos, we offer competitive compensation, comfortable office conditions, opportunities for professional growth, and opportunities for social connections.


Competitive Compensation

We believe in offering competitive compensation to our employees for they are the real assets of our business. We believe that a competitive package boosts employee morale encouraging them to do their best for the organization, and promotes employee engagement - qualities that will add value to our firm.

So, stay ahead of the game with Agnos, while making a difference to the world!

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Checkout Our Current Vacancies

What Makes Us

Stand Out

  • We’re an employee-centric as well as a client-centric workplace.
  • Integrity and transparency are our core values.
  • We offer creative freedom to invent and champion unconventional solutions to problems.
  • We embrace social entrepreneurship - profit with a purpose.
  • We believe in leveraging technology to reduce unemployment and underemployment.
  • We believe in leveraging technology to bridge the digital divide plaguing low-income neighborhoods - leading to more skilled workers empowering our country.
  • We’re open to helping students and recent graduates obtain the needed market skills.
  • We empower our employees and foster an entrepreneurial culture.
  • We work to ensure the future U.S. workforce is competitive in the global marketplace.
  • We believe in the power of technology to bring greater workplace diversity and equality.
  • We care for and are open to all segments of our society such as African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Veterans, People with Disabilities, Women, and Seniors, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT).
  • We want to offer our people a unique opportunity to play a major role in transforming South Florida into a solid competitor to Silicon Valley as a technology ecosystem.

What We Expect From You

  • We’re looking for someone interested in offering comprehensive, independent, and prescriptive IT recommendations baked in the realities and constraints of the client’s business.
  • We're looking for employees who are willing to make a firm business commitment to our clients to help them achieve tangible and meaningful business results.
  • We’re looking for practitioners who’re both business strategists and operators who’re willing to successfully take up the challenges of our Gain Share business model
  • We’re looking for people who can challenge themselves every day to resolve the “Known Unknowns” surrounding social causes such as the Digital Divide, Unemployment, Homelessness, and more.
  • We’re looking for people who can help our clients address their business concerns in addition to diverting their attention to some of the social issues like -
    Why the veterans that led platoons in Iraq or Afghanistan are now finding themselves unemployed and/or homeless rather than leading platoons of programmers?
    Why of all IT programmers in the United States, are only 2% African-American and only 10% Hispanic- American? 

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