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Connected Health, Value-based care and Patient Experience are transforming Healthcare. Let us help you achieve a truly connected healthcare journey with an emphasis on a performance-driven and patient-centric approach based on integrated, interoperable healthcare solutions and services.

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Let us help you achieve a truly connected healthcare journey!

We are building solutions that improve the lives of patients and their providers by making empathy central to our design and development. Our partnership with medical practices and other healthcare tech companies has helped raise the bar for product development and service delivery in an industry that is full of untapped opportunities.

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Josh Seigel

CTO at Carecloud

I appreciate all the time you guys invested with us even with all the ups and downs. Your commitment to me and the CareCloud team was really remarkable and lead to some amazing results.Josh Seigel


Adrian Martin

Director of Software Engineering, Platform at CareCloud

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Agnos and have nothing but praise for their technical expertise. Agnos consultants have provided many valuable contributions to our projects. Their professionalism and stalwart dedication to our ever-changing needs are some of the reasons we view Agnos as a trusted partner.Adrian Martin


Tony Grassa

Senior Principal Systems Architect at CareCloud

I am Senior Principal Systems Architect at CareCloud, an Innovative cloud-based computing platform for healthcare.  We have used Agnos Consultants since 2016. Agnos has a strong leadership team; this team is useful when we were looking to seamlessly onboard consultants as our needs grew. We used Agnos in various short/long term projects and te...Tony Grassa

Agnos offers high-quality software engineering services to build innovative healthcare solutions using cutting-edge technologies and the latest advances in healthcare IT.

So Are You Prepared To Meet The 21st Century Healthcare Challenges?

  • Adhering to the complicated regulatory frameworks
  • Offering exceptional digital customer experiences
  • Securely managing and analyzing the big data
  • Building smart connected healthcare systems
  • Managing online reputation
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Let us help you transform the above challenges into real opportunities!

Regulatory Framework Support

  • Agnos helps your team understand and evaluate the impact of regulatory requirements and implement compliant solutions.
  • FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) has already been promoted by CMS as the data exchange standard of choice in its interoperability rules. This applies to data exchanged between payers, providers (EHRs) and patient applications. Agnos has extensive experience implementing FHIR APIs.
  • HIPAA compliance plays a major role in any healthcare company's operations as well as product development. We also help you navigate the offerings from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other vendors to ensure HIPAA compliance across your stack.
  • By guiding your organization’s relationships with vendors / business associates we help you move beyond the basics of HIPAA to comply with the broader HITECH requirements.
  • Obtaining HITRUST certification is not trivial. By incorporating elements of HITRUST recommendations during the initial service / product design and implementation, we prepare your products for broader security certifications from day one.
  • We have also helped organizations implement Meaningful Use (MU) and ONC certification requirements.



Healthcare Intelligence and Analytics Systems

  • Agnos can help you build data solutions and integrate your data sources that allow you to make well-informed, timely decisions. Business leaders are also empowering their operations and clinical teams with the sufficient and quality data to shift towards a bottom-up data-driven organizations.
  • Agnos has built EHRs that integrate with Decision Support Systems that augment provider's own clinician's judgment allowing them to make well-informed choices for their patients and avoid close calls.
  • The security, privacy and auditability of your patient data is as important as its accessibility and we help you navigate these implications from day one rather than as an after-thought.
  • Integration and interoperability with HIEs (Healthcare Information Exchanges), payer solutions and EHRs of other providers is critical for improving health outcomes and the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. Agnos has not only helped build solutions for such HIEs but has also integrated solutions across the wide-spectrum of players in healthcare.

Smarter, Connected Healthcare

  • We are building solutions for payers, providers, patients and other participants in healthcare. Our solutions are interoperable with each other and other players in healthcare from day one.
  • Shift of patient experience to multi-channel engagement via wearables, mobile apps, web apps, voice assistants is only the beginning. Healthcare consumerism is changing rapidly and we help your organization stay ahead of the curve with our expertise in delivering engaging experiences across these platforms.
  • For providers it is more important than ever to tap into cloud-native and cloud-based offerings to optimize their scalability, security and sustainability while staying ahead of the competition. New patient expectations such as Telehealth, require providers to quickly adapt to the changing market by evaluating "buy vs build" solutions. We help your organization navigate your choices, adopt new technologies or build custom solutions.
  • Using this model, we have already built multiple successful multi-specialty as well as single-specialty EHRs and EMRs that are changing lives of patients and providers.
  • Accountable Care, Population Health Management and Care Coordination opens new opportunities and changes in the risk-sharing model for payers, health systems and their providers. We help you build / integrate solutions that adapt to these changing avenues of care delivery and risk-sharing.
  • Beyond technology solutions, we also help your organization with “process innovation” and tap into the operational efficiencies that these new solutions can open up.

Digital Reputation Management

  • Patient satisfaction surveys and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) are increasingly used today to understand and improve health outcomes for the patients. As data becomes increasingly portable, convenience is quickly being replaced by operational and clinical excellence as the factors that determine business growth and patient loyalty.
  • Also, engaging with the patient community beyond directly customer support, via indirect channels and review gathering websites is more important than ever for business to improve their chances of success.
  • Agnos has built multi-channel patient and provider outreach solutions for its customers and we can also leverage our digital agency in improving your digital and social media posture.
  • Tracking patient reviews, responding to and resolving concerns, elevating patient champions all goes towards ensuring business success and Agnos is your partner in elevating your brand and customer satisfaction.
  • Operational Improvement
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Insights-Driven Healthcare
  • Digital Care Delivery Models
  • Disparate Data Integration
  • Patient-Driven Care
  • Enhanced Patient Experience
  • Accountable Care
  • Collaborative Arrangements
  • Open Source & Proprietary Solutions
  • Staff Augmentation

The digital economy has transformed the way hospitals, payors, and providers must operate.

With years of expertise in serving the healthcare industry, Agnos has the latest technological know-how to help you meet the demands of today and prepare you for the future. Our technocrats collaborate with payors, providers, and clients from the healthcare, life sciences, and Government to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.

Here's what our team of software engineers can help you accomplish:

    • Keep pace with next-generation capabilities using emergent technologies like Big Data, cloud computing, mobile health, Machine Learning, AI, and predictive analytics.
    • Enhance your existing enterprise applications (e.g. EHRs) and help you look for innovative ways to deliver value and reduce time-to-market.
    • Automate care documentation, help identify and manage risk profiles using technology to lower claims, and improve population health.
    • Get end-to-end solutions for managing the administrative and clinical operations of hospitals, nursing homes, and home care.
    • Adopt an agile mindset and achieve greater efficiencies.

It’s time to transform care delivery, patient experience, staff management, operations management, and hospital design.

Let’s design the digital hospital of the future!

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Based in Miami, FL, we offer custom healthcare IT solutions, and life sciences and payor software development services, to help you achieve quality care, enhanced patient satisfaction, and improved operational efficiencies. So, get ready for the future with Agnos!