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Let us help you focus your projects to deliver your goals of revenue growth, cost savings, and enhanced customer experience. The digital marketing spectrum is evolving at an unprecedented pace, be it intelligent content, automation, AI algorithms, analytics, thought leadership, or influencer marketing. Keeping pace with these changes needs skilled and experienced resources that can help you quickly ramp up the existing processes and adapt to the new.

Agnos, with its army of marketing experts and software engineers, can help you plan and execute various stages of your marketing strategy with the right blend of technological advances. Our experts can help you target and reach your intended audience at lower costs, in less time, leading to enhanced ROI. So, generate more qualified leads, close more deals, and inherit the art of becoming responsive to your clients’ needs, with Agnos.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Business Model Canvas: Understand and analyze the company’s current value proposition and digital strategies in use, and review current positioning and ranking. Create a BMC to ensure the strategies and solutions are in sync with the customer pain points.
  • Competitor & SWOT Analysis: Perform competitor and SWOT analysis to identify untapped opportunities and create a strategic plan on how current processes can be converted or improved and how new disruptive technologies can be applied to get a competitive edge in the market. The planning will be segregated into short sprints with each sprint having a focused theme leading to the business goals.
  • Website Strategy: If there’s a need, your current website will be reviewed, redesigned, or redeveloped to be on par with competitors. The areas of improvement will be highlighted along with the costs involved, ensuring regulatory compliance with the industry and peer benchmarks.
  • Buyer Persona and Funnel Analysis: Understand buyer’s job title, company size, market, age, knowledge, years in industry/current company, social presence, funnel placement, goals, and triggers to cater to them in the best possible way.
  • Marketing Strategy: Create short and long term marketing strategy with SMART goals. Whether it's CRM setup and integration, ABM, SEO, social media, paid media, email marketing, or creative, Agnos can help you.
  • Engagement Models: Build engagement models to help you engage better with your customers, measure customer satisfaction, and drive more referrals.
  • A 603-Point Digital Sales and Marketing Audit that comprehensively assess every aspect of your online presence, define a future state plan based on competitive analysis and best practices, and provides a detailed task-based roadmap that tells you every step you need to take going forward.
  • We offer world-class software engineers and digital subject matter experts that are spread across the globe that can help you execute our future state plan and related roadmap at a very low cost.

Digital Strategy and Transformation

We partner with you to co-create enterprise business strategies that harness the full power of digital technologies. We help you by identifying to assess and apply analytics and cognitive insights, building responsive operations, and developing an innovative culture. We help you identify high-value pilot opportunities and innovative experiences. We help you find new revenue streams and market activation. We help you reimagine how you engage with your environment, customers, employees, and partners. We help you build new expertise through restless talent development and orchestrated ecosystems.

We'll help you define your Digital Strategy by assessing your competitors and completing a comprehensive SWOT Analysis. We will help you align your Sales and Marketing Strategy with your channel strategy across channels such as the web and social media. Customer persona creation and journey mapping (Customer Experience)(Buyer Persona & Funnel Analysis) consumers’ expectations are rapidly evolving, and your customer experience model must respond quickly to these changes. We work alongside your team to develop a clear, future-focused strategy that unifies that experience across physical and digital touchpoints. This practical roadmap enables you to act fast and stay competitive.

Product Management

We can help you with New Product Ideation. We can then help you establish your product vision and roadmap. We can translate that vision and roadmap into requirements and user stories that become your backlog of work to be completed. We can also help you with user experience maps and defining acceptance criteria.

Digital Sales and Marketing as a Service (SMaaS)

We will conduct a comprehensive 603 point digital sales and marketing audit to identify all your related capabilities gaps. We will help you with search engine optimization and marketing. We will help you manage your different channels such as web and social media channels. We will create the digital content that you need such as blogs, videos, and content for your website. We will help you implement sales automation and CRM from partners like Hubspot and Salesforce. We will help you with digital advertising and analytics services to make sure you are reaching your different customer segments with a competitively differentiated value proposition. We will use our proprietary tools to build you a massive sales pipeline with the data that you need on sale prospects to quickly take them from prospect to contract signed client.

Why Agnos?

We help our clients develop pragmatic & innovative new-age digital strategies that can be implemented rapidly and effectively. Our experienced strategists and skilled practitioners equally focus on an effective strategy formation as well as the execution and achievement of the intended business results.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We maintain a laser focus on business outcomes while considering technology as a means to a business end and are quick to assess the current state alignment of your existing digital and business strategy.
  • We can help you determine quick-win opportunities to align IT with business needs to ensure optimal resource allocation and IT investment.
  • We can help you develop an appropriate IT roadmap that gets you to your destination by realistically considering speed bumps such as budget constraints, resource skills readiness and availability, organizational capacity to change, and more.
  • We help you determine the future state IT strategies, capabilities, investments, service portfolio, organizational design, and operations model needed to exploit emerging business opportunities.
  • We have experienced strategists that come from the trenches as former CIOs, Chief Architects, and IT Strategy Directors who are solely focused on achieving your desired business results.
  • We are more cost-competitive than our competition and offer exceptional value with our Gain Share Model that allows you to pay a fair amount for the performance received and not just promised.


Get ready to implement intelligent digital technologies for building a connected data-driven enterprise!

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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos offers Digital Strategy and Transformation Consulting Services to help you deal with the digital disruption. We collaborate with you to create the digital strategy and agenda and help you transform your business for the future.