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What We Do


We are building solutions that improve the lives of patients and their providers by making empathy central to our design and development. Our partnership with medical practices and other healthcare tech companies has helped raise the bar for product development and service delivery in an industry that is full of untapped opportunities.

We navigate the healthcare industry to its full extent providing:

  • Healthcare Software Engineering/Technology Consultancy

    We provide a full-service technology engagement that includes Healthcare product strategy, market analysis, product design, UX design, cloud-native architecture, full-stack software development, DevOps, quality assurance, release management and product support. We deploy our deep Healthcare industry expertise, global resources, and cutting-edge technology know-how to build beautiful solutions for your business and your users. We optimize your capital and operations investment while ensuring any change that is done is substantial and long-lasting.

  • Healthcare IT Recruiting Agency

    We help our healthcare clients create job descriptions, find awesome healthcare Product Management and Software Development candidates for these jobs, interview these candidates with our world-class Product Management and Technical Subject Matter Experts, and then help with hiring and onboarding the new contractors or employees that we helped our clients find to help these new workers become productive as soon as possible. We offer our clients a Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) platform that gives these clients access to our Recruiters, our recruiting processes, and our recruiting software so that our clients can scale up or down their recruiting efforts as needed.

  • Healthcare Digital Agency

    We know how to create content that represents the essence of your brand. By branding correctly and growing a community around your products and services, we can help elevate the public acceptance of your brand, ultimately delivering business success. We also help you automate the digital sales and marketing around your content, so that you can focus on what you do best while we take care of your growth. We can help you define and manage the Personas of your Patients and their Patient Journey. We can align your sales people, sales processes and supporting technologies to achieve your patient related business and revenue goals. ​We know how to translate into content the best essence of your company. By branding correctly and growing ​continuously, we can help you create awareness and interest in your ​products and services from your ​target audience. We can help you to be part of the digital ecosystem, as now, it’s the company’s presentation to the world. ​That means that we can help you design and build your channels of content distribution (e.g. website, social media channels etc.), use cool tools to enable powerful inbound marketing, sales, and CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft etc.)​, create and manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing​ (SEM) and much more. We offer our clients a Sales and Marketing as a Service (SMaaS) platform that gives these clients access to our Sales People, our sales processes, and our sales and marketing software so that our clients can scale up or down their sales and marketing efforts as needed.

  • Healthcare Product Development
    We build amazing healthcare software products powered by FHIR for ourselves or co-build these healthcare software products with our clients. For example, the Agnos My Health Record app provides you a holistic view of your health, your care providers, and your health plan - empowering you to own your data and easily engage with your insurer and all your care providers through a secure standards-driven access. This application built by Agnos was recently accepted into the prestigious CARIN ALLIANCE whose vision is to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to easily get, use, and share their digital health information when, where, and how they want to achieve their goals. Using the My Health Record app patients can stay on top of their and their family’s health plan coverage, access their virtual membership card, view and contact their primary provider as well as other recent providers, view the history of the health care services (explanation of benefits) they have availed and view all their medical records (including allergies, medications, labs, vaccinations and fitness information)! Soon the app will also let patients schedule and manage appointments with their providers and quickly complete their pre-appointment steps even before stepping into the provider’s office! The My Health Record app is offered to the patients through their insurer’s health plan and/or their healthcare provider (e.g. primary provider, specialist or medical facility). All information that is displayed in the app is made available by the patient’s plan or provider who has trusted Agnos and permitted the My Health Record app to present this information. We don’t store or analyze any of the presented information! This application can be white-labeled and branded by providers and payers to help increase patient engagement through appointment scheduling, reminders, pre-visit screenings and post-visit surveys.

Who We Are


We are building 
software solutions 
to accomplish the 
Quadruple Aim 

and improve the lives 
of patients and their 
providers by making 
empathy central 
to our design and 

  • Client Case Study: CareCloud Patient Experience Solution Case Study
  • Client Case Study: Health Information Technology Solution
  • Client Case Study: EMR for Hospital at Home

Clients of Agnos and its Technology Partners


Josh Siegel

CTO at Carecloud

I appreciate all the time you guys invested with us even with all the ups and downs. Your commitment to me and the CareCloud team was really remarkable and lead to some amazing results.Josh Siegel

Tony Grassa

Tony Grassa

Senior Principal Systems Architect at CareCloud

Agnos has a strong leadership team; this team is useful when we were looking to seamlessly onboard consultants as our needs grew. We used Agnos in various short/long term projects and technical tasks; Agnos Consultants are very professional, technically proficient, flexible, and excelled in the execution.Tony Grassa

Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Morales

Vice President of Engineering

Samuel is an exceptional business leader and person, always displaying a contagious drive matched only by his ability to share his visions. He has the unique ability to bridge the gap between business and technology to create great products, but also the emotional intelligence and diplomacy to inspire the people that he works with.Ricardo Morales


Damon Whitsitt

Director, Americas Tech Staffing at Google

Agnos is setting a great example by leveraging technology to bring much greater workplace diversity and equality to the IT workplace and pull in many of the segments of our society that are underrepresented in technology such as African-Americans, Veterans, People with Disabilities, Women, and Seniors, just to name a few.Damon Whitsitt

Tim Toporovski

Tim Toporovski

Director, Program and Account Management at EPAM Systems

Sam is incredibly savvy about the needs of CIOs and other business leaders who need help sorting through emerging companies and technologies to solve business problems. He is a top-notch executive, great sales leader, smart strategic planner, and someone who knows how to rally ideas and support.Tim Toporovski

Cem Tanyel

Cem Tanyel

President, Airline Solutions at Sabre Corporation

I have had a chance to work with Sam at Unisys. He is a very capable businessman; he looks for win-win solutions that help both his customers and his company win. He is also a great person to work with.Cem Tanyel


Adrian Martin

Director of Software Engineering, Platform at CareCloud

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Agnos and have nothing but praise for their technical expertise. Agnos consultants have provided many valuable contributions to our projects. Their professionalism and stalwart dedication to our ever-changing needs are some of the reasons we view Agnos as a trusted partner.Adrian Martin

Susan Leigh Dowdy

Susan Leigh Dowdy

Global Head | Customer Experience - Operations and Systems at American Internation Group (AIG)

I have known Sam for 20 years. In the past few years, the opportunity arose for us to work together professionally which has been a rewarding and valuable experience. Sam has successfully leveraged his vast experience in the corporate sector and management consulting to build and grow an expanding – fast-paced tech startup.Susan Leigh Dowdy

Greg Hendricks

Greg Hendricks

Experienced Airline Professional - Independent Consultant

Entrepreneurial, Customer Focused, Innovative. In the 15 years, I have known Sam he has exemplified these important professional traits that have led to success for his customers and his career. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking to work with him.Greg Hendricks

Hugh Golden

Hugh Golden

Senior Investment Manager at State Street Global Advisors

Sam has an impressive ability to ask the right questions to the client to really understand their goals quickly. He is then able to take this information and develop a solution that is "best in class". He then demonstrates his tenacity and action-oriented approach to execute the project plan and bring it to a close.Hugh Golden

James Donnelly

James Donnelly

Founder and CEO at Castle Group

Sam is on a mission in life to marry purpose and results. Agnos is a large enough shop to scale for your needs yet remains a size where Sam’s brilliance still impacts the projects they work on. If you are looking for a company that can add strategic value, efficiency, and economy to your operations, look no further than Agnos.James Donnelly

Eladio Alvarez

Eladio Alvarez

VP, Head of Healthcare at EPAM Systems

Agnos is shining a spotlight on the importance of focusing on human and social capital in the same way as we do economic profit. They have taken an important step in making Social Entrepreneurship and related notions of Profit with a Purpose or Capitalism with a Conscious, a viable mainstream business paradigm.Eladio Alvarez

Brad Mash

Brad Mash

Director Sales Americas at SITA

I have participated with Sam in many client meetings and he has the innate ability to establish positive, productive working relationships at the CXO level as well as supporting team members. Without reservation, I would recommend Sam and Agnos Inc. for a multitude of IT needs – Software and application development, and Web design and developm...Brad Mash


Jim Wildenburg

Managing Director, Global Strategy Lead for Aerospace and Defense Practice

I have known Sam personally and professionally for over 20 years. Sam is one of the most creative, practical and hard-working professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Sam brings a unique ability to develop solutions that are insightful, innovative, and most importantly implementable.Jim Wildenburg

Melissa Mular-2

Melissa Mular

Director, Sr. Client Delivery Partner Executive at IBM

Sam strives to bring his Clients innovative ideas. He is a great listener and has a strong command of the current technology landscape that allows him to provide forward-thinking solutions that solve real problems. Sam truly cares about people and their successes and that is evident when you work with Sam.Melissa Mular

Kamil Salame-2

Kamil Salame

Partner, CVC Capital Partners

Sam is honest, hard-working, intellectually curious, and creative. Sam has a nearly unique ability to bridge the gap (or gulf) between commercial considerations and technical considerations. He has a long history of delivering results ahead of time, on budget, and beyond expectation.Kamil Salame

larry beck

Larry Beck

VP Information Services, Properties & Facilities at Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc

Sam has had many successful engagements in the technology arenas, including Government and Corporations. He is a forward thinker, results-driven, hard worker. I consider him to be one of the smartest individuals I have worked with over my years in technology. He will be an asset to any team he joins.Larry Beck


of CEOs say digital improvements have led to revenue growth

Our Digital Agency Services can help you understand and adopt new and innovative ways to transform your business to maximize ROI (Return on Investment) and reduce costs.



of all customer experience initiatives will use IT by 2022, a jump from half in 2017

Our IT Advisory Services can help you with sophisticated self-service and insights-driven offerings using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated contemporary technologies. 


was the cost of a typical data breach for a company in 2018

We and our strategic alliance partners can help integrate elements of industry-specific compliance, real-time threat intelligence, and security governance in the technology security architecture of your enterprise to address your
enterprise security challenges


of people won’t recommend a business if its website isn’t designed well for mobile use

We have an army of experienced software engineers offering high-quality, agile, responsive, end-to-end custom software development services based on your specific business requirements. Our services cover the gamut, from requirement analysis to
quality assurance and more.

0 bn

 will be the expected market size for application modernization services by 2025, which was USD 11.4 billion in 2020

Our experts can help you with Software Engineering, Development and Maintenance Services to fulfill the present-day demands for business agility and faster time to market, leveraging big data technologies and adopting cloud computing.


 of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud
by 2020

Whether you’re still planning or have already started your cloud migration, we can help you leverage cloud capabilities to fast-track your company’s digital transformation driving business value
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Our Services Agnos Mascot

Our Process

Strategic Alignment

  • Business model canvas
  • Product strategy
  • Buy vs build analysis
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Revenue-sharing opportunities
  • Sell to, sell with, sell through
  • Value engineering

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Data-driven consultation
  • Customer and user interviews
  • Design thinking
  • Product and services design
  • Collaborative UX review

Digital Transformation

  • Cross-platform and multi-channel experiences
  • Cloud migration and cloud-native
  • Systems integration
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Interoperability

Process Innovation

  • Operational Opportunities
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Migration to digitalized processes
  • Process monitoring
  • DesignOps, DevOps & DataOps

Continuous Improvement

  • User analytics
  • Data intelligence
  • Adaptability / Agility
  • Maintainability
  • Innovation DNA

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So, if you’re looking for your next BIG adventure in the digital landscape and have the will to help others in the journey, join us.

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