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Learn How Agnos Helped CareCloud Deliver an Exceptional Patient Experience Solution

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Agnos assisted CareCloud in offering its healthcare providers a comprehensive platform where hardware and software are perfectly aligned to make their practice more profitable, modern, and efficient.

CareCloud is a Florida based company that believes that healthcare deserves tools that are as modern, well-designed, and easy-to-use as the ones encountered elsewhere in our daily lives. 

In partnership with Agnos, patients using CareCloud’s app were able to: 

  • Simplify patient intake and appointment scheduling process, saving 15-20 minutes per patient 
  • Get notifications and stay in touch with the practice via their phones 
  • Offer instant feedback and securely access and update their records 

Practitioners/Admin staff/ Hospitals using CareCloud’s app were able to: 

  • Make real-time data-based clinical decisions 
  • Access real-time practice performance reports and statistics 
  • Enhance patient collection rates by 5-10%
  • Reduce new client blocks from one hour to 35 to 40 minutes


CareCloud preferred to use a comprehensive solution to help medical groups achieve clinical, financial, and operational excellence through a powerful single cloud-based platform, Breeze. The challenges they faced included:

  • Any integration efforts to link the existing enterprise-wide systems to the platform do not adversely affect other systems in any way.
  • Streamlining the patient intake and check-in process in Breeze, have patients check-in at home, and upload intake forms directly to the hospital’s PM and EHR via Breeze.
  • Maintaining FHIR Compliance Standards.

Another key challenge for CareCloud was to complete the integration quickly while managing constantly changing requirements, and incorporating new features and enhancements.

Agnos deployed its pro-Agile engagement and delivery models to overcome these constraints and helped CareCloud to successfully implement patient experience solutions and integrate the existing systems with Breeze, and to release the product update as scheduled. This resulted in Agnos helping CareCloud gain major strides in the healthcare industry.


Our Approach 

For streamlining the patient intake and check-in process, maintaining patient history, and obtaining real-time patient feedback and reports in sync with the existing enterprise systems, Agnos helped CareCloud in:


Tony Grassa

Senior Principal Systems Architect at CareCloud

I am Senior Principal Systems Architect at CareCloud, an Innovative cloud-based computing platform for healthcare. We have used Agnos Consultants since 2016. Agnos has a strong leadership team; this team is useful when we were looking to seamlessly onboard consultants as our needs grew. We used Agnos in various short/long term projects and tec...Tony Grassa


Adrian Martin

Director of Software Engineering, Platform at CareCloud

As Director of Engineering, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Agnos and have nothing but praise for their technical expertise and the high quality of work they deliver. Agnos consultants have provided many valuable contributions to our projects. Their professionalism and stalwart dedication to our ever-changing needs are some of th...Adrian Martin


Josh Siegel

CTO at Carecloud

I appreciate all the time you guys invested with us even with all the ups and downs. Your commitment to me and the CareCloud team was really remarkable and lead to some amazing results.Josh Siegel

  • Cross-platform intake forms using modified Quippe SDK 
  • Cross-platform practice forms for Breeze & other JSON schema tools used in Eagle 
  • Using of D3.js library to build PXM Dashboard for Breeze Settings 
  • Migration from PhantomJS to Chrome for generation and styling of PDF documents 
  • Migration of Quippe SDK to the latest version for Breeze intake forms renderer 
  • Forms Infrastructure 
  • Notifications Infrastructure 
  • Practice Settings Authorization 
  • Surveys Reporting 
  • Patient surveys 
  • Patient forms history 
  • Patient sign up 

Technology Stack Used


JSON schema


JS Library




React & Angular


AWS cloud



Patient Experience Solution

Agnos helped CareCloud offer excellent patient experience solutions by simplifying patient communication with the practice.

Patients were able to fill in intake forms through their mobile, which got uploaded directly to the hospitals’ PM and EHR, all while customizing every step of the way.

Patients were able to now fill the check-in forms from their phones for their appointments using Breeze and were able to cancel the appointments beforehand, reducing the ‘no shows’ percentage. Pre-populated forms with known patient information drastically reduced the check-in time.

Patients were able to receive direct notifications from the practice, deal with their providers, and stay engaged beyond the practice walls via their phones, saving invaluable time and effort.

Patients were able to sign in and fill in the feedback directly through their mobile and they were able to make payments however and from wherever they want, offering a ‘wow’ experience. Agnos helped to set up the practice authorization settings to ensure all patient data is safe & secure.

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In a nutshell, this contemporary patient experience helped improve patient loyalty along with efficiently eliminating repetitive paperwork and manual tasks, saving valuable patient time and effort.

Agnos helped CareCloud Integrate Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Enterprise Healthcare.

We helped CareCloud in :

  • FHIR Terminology Service infrastructure (ValueSet expansions & CodeSystem lookups)
  • Settings inheritance & context resolution using a GraphDB
  • Breeze Integration with the EHR Go
  • Go organization strategy configuration
  • Registry for Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) workflows
  • User roles & permissions

Integrated EHR for Enterprise Healthcare

Besides, Agnos helped CareCloud build and implement Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) terminology service infrastructure, describing data formats and elements and an application programming interface (API) for exchanging electronic health records. The standard was created by the Health Level Seven International (HL7) healthcare standards organization.

This facilitated interoperation among the hospital’s legacy healthcare systems. Agnos helped CareCloud integrate its Breeze app to the practice management and Go EHR systems, without causing any disruption.

Agnos also determined the POC charting strategy. It began with engaging all stakeholders in the process of system selection and implementation especially surrounding the configuration of data entry templates, clinical decision support, and how the system will be rolled out. Agnos thus helped optimize the use of EHR at the POC.


As a result of this integration, patients were able to view and download clinical information related to their medical files via their phones. Overall, this integration resulted in the following:

1. Automatic upload of intake forms helped improve access to timely information at point-of-care and reduced duplicated efforts by admin staff. This integration has made it easy for patients to view and pay their own balances and to save their payment preferences.

2. This integration helped save time with single patient account information shared with all providers.

3. The integration also supports best practice protocols for practitioners, enabling them to work smarter. Practitioners were able to get customized patient data views and can deliver timely, efficient value-based insights-driven care. Population health services, data collection, and reporting capabilities for MACRA quality initiatives can be leveraged.

4. Practitioners and administration can access where the patients are in the appointment workflow, have visibility to canceled appointments, patients pending to be checked- in, already checked in, waiting to be seen by the provider, and those who checked out. It also informs about billing for the patient and the time between check-in and check-out for a patient, making the practice more accountable and highly efficient in serving the patients.


Results, Return on Investment & Future Plans

  • Seamless communication between the patient & the practice
  • No pending compliance issues


Patient intake & check-in time 
reduced by 15- 20 mins


Reduced paperwork saving 
staff time by 10-15 mins for 
each patient


Patient collection rate 
increased by 5-10%


10-20% higher revenue 
per encounter


Future Plans- Currently, CareCloud is working on some new features with us to further enhance the patient experience.

Gaurav Saraf Chief Product Officer, Agnos

Gaurav v3 (1)

We are building a Customer-obsessed culture at Agnos.  We pride ourselves on having an insatiable desire to gain deep-dive industry and domain knowledge and marry that expertise with truly world-class software delivery. It is our passion to "Co-Build" with our customers so that we build Better software Faster at the Lowest Cost possible...Together!

Gaurav has been offering technical leadership in building digital health products now for eight years. With rich experience and expertise in software development, Gaurav has helped clients successfully build and implement integrated EHR systems, Patient Intake Management Software, Health apps & systems used by Fortune 500 companies, and more. He has offered consulting services to many healthcare startups while working at Persistent Systems.

Besides leading product development teams, he likes to evangelize FHIR & solve problems in system design, micro-service orchestration, front-end engineering (web & mobile), and cross-platform development.

About Agnos 

Agnos was established in 2012 with a mission to empower businesses with next-gen, end-to-end agile software development services. Take a look at the Industries that Agnos serves and the IT Services we deliver, We combine human creativity with cutting-edge technologies to benefit society and shape an accountable business. 

Agnos Value Proposition: Agnos has Top-Gun IT resources from across the globe and across industries that deliver the highest quality software quickly, at an extremely affordable price. 

Our Competitive Differentiation: Our “secret sauce” is our hand-picked global team of technologists and consultants that are simply the “best” at what they do. Through our global partnerships, we now have an army of over 20,000 (our bench) worldwide, from the United States to Argentina to India to Ukraine and beyond. We can truly offer a “follow the sun” software engineering delivery platform. 

Our Core Values: Agility, Trust, and Quality. As our customers will attest, we are obsessed with relentlessly pursuing the projects we undertake in a timely fashion, maintaining the highest quality standards, and keeping the trust of our customers, employees, and partners.