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Client Case Study: CareCloud Patient Experience Solution 

CareCloud is an Information Technology Company that provides cloud-based end-to-end practice management solutions. Agnos' experienced technical team helped them deliver Breeze, which enabled CareCloud to disrupt the medical industry and reinvent patient care. Here is the story of how Agnos helped CareCloud ensure that Tomorrow Starts Today.

Client Case Study: Health Information Technology Solutions

Agnos helped a specialty care provider improve the ability to locate​ and ​retrieve​ medical records, images, or pathology slides and organize these​ records in a customized and consistent manner ​so that physicians, especially surgeons, could have one comprehensive view of a patient in a structured and organized manner where information was easy to access and use to save lives.

Client Case Study: EMR for Hospital at Home

Agnos helped its client build comprehensive EMR software using the FHIR standard (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). The EMR included capabilities to manage patient intake & referrals, perform insurance eligibility and authorization checks, schedule appointments, improve patient care coordination, deploy the app for telehealth/caregiver home visits, and add encounter notes & follow-up details.

My Health Record App

Agnos responded to interoperability and Patient access challenges negatively impacting Patient care outcomes and addressed the CMS-9115-F ruling by building the Agnos My Health Record App.

An overview of FHIR

At Agnos, we have the domain expertise in healthcare and are one of the early adopters of FHIR standards. We are one of the world's foremost experts in software development and currently working with major healthcare companies, helping them with their digital transformation.


The Future of Healthcare

In the future, healthcare will undergo dramatic transformations. Medicine will become more precise and patients will become empowered consumers. Let Agnos help you with your digital transformation.

AI Enabled Chatbots: A Healthcare Industry Perspective

Chatbots are automated virtual guides who help you navigate a website, answer questions and increase your productivity. Let Agnos unlock the magic behind chatbots to provide a better customer experience!

Addressing the Digital Divide

At Agnos, we are conscious of the decisions we make and their impact on society. We work everyday to bridge the digital divide and accelerate the paradigm shift to a new form of capitalism that believes in profit with a purpose.

Tomorrow Starts Today

Agnos built a team of hand-picked professionals around the globe to solve the problems of today and make life easier for tomorrow. Discover how, across several industries, the economical and effective software solutions provided by Agnos can truly ensure that Tomorrow Starts Today.