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Our Healthcare Business Advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for your business needs. Using our unique combination of deep healthcare industry domain expertise and unparalleled healthcare technical knowledge and experience, we can bring more focus to your value proposition. We help you align the needs of your different patient customer segments with your relevant value propositions. This enables you to benefit from our healthcare professionals’ unique experiences, perspectives, knowledge of industry business issues, and technical expertise by identifying gaps between the needs of your patient customer segments and your value propositions. We can therefore help you laser focus on the pressing needs of your businesses and close these gaps.

Our experienced healthcare practitioners have extensive business knowledge and IT know-how, along with access to a global network of industry specialists. We will help you become stronger and smarter by delivering an overall distinctive patient experience through our tailored service offerings and resources.

Agile Coaching and Business Transformation Services

We show you how to apply the principles of Agile beyond IT across all functional areas of your organization. Our Agile Coaching and Business Transformation Services Team will look throughout your entire organization to find specific areas where an agile operating model can unlock value.

Design Thinking and Innovation Transformation Services

We help you quickly develop, test, and implement healthcare solutions that meet the unique regulatory and security requirements of the healthcare sector. We help you transition to a new era of data and analytics with our cross-functional team of healthcare industry and startup experts. We help you create solutions powered by new IT to transform your provider and patient experiences. We help you explore, imagine, and develop new healthcare applications that transform the way you do business. We help you research, ideate, and experiment with leading-edge healthcare technology solutions through proofs-of-concept and minimum viable products (MVPs).

We help you connect with startups, businesses, academia, and more to scale meaningful innovation together. We help you unlock all the “eureka moments” trapped in the "not invented here" parts of your organization. We show you how to identify functional and visualization experts in your company that can turn data into actionable insights. We help you incubate and accelerate breakthrough ideas and create innovative solutions.

Business Model Canvas Services

We help you put in place the foundational elements for the implementation of a growth portfolio based on using the business model canvas to explore new ideas or reinvent your existing healthcare business models. You'll learn how to make underlying risks explicit, test hypotheses, and course-correct rapidly across customer segments, value propositions, channels, and all the business model canvas quadrants. We help you prioritize the ideas that show the most potential based on evidence and how to intensify testing the hypothesis that supports pursuing these ideas.

We teach you to perform experiments that for example let you truly vet a Patient or Provider Customer Segment's willingness to pay or related pricing experiments. You will learn the Lean Startup Methodology that uses strong evidence to identify business ideas likely to succeed. We can help you further intensify testing by helping you quickly build minimum viable products and gather evidence that you can use to acquire and retain customers. We will help you scale these MVPs for further internal investments or take these MVPs to external investors.

Healthcare Startup Planning Services

We will help you build a world-class business plan (target markets, Porter's 5 forces, capital requirements, revenue, etc.) get funding or financing, help you with sales and marketing, set up your business (attorneys, accountants, HR, technology, etc.) and immediately plug you into an extensive network of business and IT movers and shakers who can coach you or even become your first clients.

Healthcare Startup Execution Services

We will help you execute your strategy and business plan by ensuring laser focus on execution accountability, essentially the ‘Who doing What by When’ that enables you to achieve your business plans within defined timelines. We will help you work within your constraints around investment and spending plans and help you prioritize the critical path of your business plan. We also help you respond effectively to the changing market demands of the healthcare industry to enhance the likelihood of seeking better returns by staying close to your customers, learning from your competitors, and maintaining organizational alignment between functional areas as sales & marketing, and engineering.

Why Agnos?

We believe in profit with a purpose. We believe that not just embracing entrepreneurship but teaching and inspiring "all" folks about the virtues of entrepreneurship will lead our country towards greater prosperity. We are not just entrepreneurs but "social entrepreneurs” which makes a significant difference in our motivation to work with you.

Being experts, we understand the challenges that a new organization faces in optimizing the use of business resources to support growth. We help you understand your current cost to serve and highlight the areas where you can reduce your capital expenditures and operational costs.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service provider:

  • We bring strategic advice, access to networks, and a passion for harmony and teaming up which is likely different from other firms interested in working with Start-ups.
  • We have top gun resources that bring with it extensive experience and lessons learned in nurturing a start-up firm from thought to going public.
  • Our network of professionals will bring you organizational and business clarity from having been in the trenches for so many years.
  • We have access to large amounts of capital that can support your funding needs now and in the future.
  • We can put together high-quality investor syndicates and our investors bring the financial discipline and frugality which is critical to the startup environment.
  • Our extensive network and ecosystem of business and IT contacts will help not only build your organization but also boost your business in terms of customer acquisition, hiring, portfolio access, etc.


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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos offers superior healthcare advisory services to help you effectively manage risks and scale up your enterprise. With our elaborative healthcare industry experience, skilled engineers and business professionals, we can help you craft customized healthcare- specific solutions to empower your organization for leveraged growth.