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Let us help you focus your projects to deliver your goals of revenue growth, cost savings, and enhanced customer experience.

Over the past few years, the Travel and Transportation market has seen healthy growth. At the same time, the industry has seen innovation in building new revenue sources and improving customer personalization and satisfaction. Much of the innovation has been enabled by IT investment and digital transformation. Agnos, with its army of marketing experts and software engineers, can help you plan and execute various stages of your marketing strategy with the right blend of technological advances. Our experts can help you target and reach your intended audience at lower costs, in less time, leading to enhanced ROI. So, generate more qualified leads, close more deals, and inherit the art of becoming responsive to your clients’ needs, with Agnos.

Traditional IT approaches, however, have had their own challenges in meeting the demand of the airlines and their customers.

These challenges include:

  • Linking business priorities with IT spend
  • High percentage of spend on “maintenance”
  • Inability to provide Competitive differentiation
  • The dominance of a select group of IT providers
  • Continued need for speed and agility
  • Competition for IT talent
Recent disruptions (e.g. aircraft delays, COVID-19) have provided additional challenges.A renewed focus on IT governance and the specific technology is needed to make sure momentum is not lost once the disruptions abate.

"With current business disruptions, companies will need to reduce IT spend while keeping important initiatives needed to build customer satisfaction and maintain profitability. The solution is a "Follow the Sun" software development platform that enables high-quality software to be quickly developed at a very low cost."
- Greg Hendricks

Agnos offers a business process-oriented approach to identify and cost-effectively deploy technology solutions for modernizing your traditional travel and transportation infrastructure. Whether you are looking for advice in the sourcing the fundamental operation systems or needing industry expertise and low-cost development to quickly develop solutions – Agnos can help.
Greg Hendricks leads Agnos Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality practice. Greg has over 30 years of experience in travel and transportation. Greg has held senior leadership positions at American Airlines, Unisys Travel, and Transportation Practice and SITA and has advised Travel, Transportation and Hospitality companies across the globe. Greg has extensive experience in the areas of revenue management, management consulting, process optimization, customer loyalty, and delivery. His worldwide client experience included extensive work in South America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. He has utilized his background in passenger services and logistics to help airlines develop cost-saving distribution strategies, ensure that information systems are focused on priorities, and procure best in class IT solutions and services.

Here’s how we can help

  • Through deep industry experience:  Understand and adopt new technology perspectives and strategies for distribution, marketing, customer services, and procurement.
  • Using goal and business process techniques:  Focus technology spend on business priorities
  • Using our Low-Cost Development resources: quickly deploy internal and customer-facing technologies using our global software engineers and select partners.
  • Our IT Audit leverages automated business process modeling: to help you connect the dots across Strategy, Business and IT Processes, Applications, and Infrastructure to dramatically reduce technology spend and to achieve laser focus on critical business priorities.
  • We offer world-class software engineers: that can quickly develop software that is very high quality, but that is very low cost.



Why Agnos?

In this digital era, custom software development needs skilled professionals with a good grasp of the evolving technologies. It's imperative to identify specific user needs, select the right technology from the myriad of available options with precise technical specifications, and write code that is scalable and easy to maintain.
At Agnos we have an army of software engineers who can offer easy to manage, optimized, and affordable software solutions, using the latest technology. We value high quality and adopt Agile and DevOps in practice to offer flawless experiences while making sure the product reaches the market in time.

Here are a few compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We, at Agnos, regularly talk to our clients to understand the context and learn the nuances, and then we conduct the necessary research work to pave the way for customized digital transformation.
  • We ensure that all the channels you use convey clear, concise, and consistent messages to your buyer personas, according to their position in the sales funnel. With Google changing its search algorithms several times each year, we help you stay focused on the latest SEO tools, techniques, and market norms.
  • We understand that your website is your brand’s online face and it should be visually attractive with the right messaging. If we feel the need to tweak your existing website or redesign it to make it more responsive to the current market trends, our team of software engineers comes in handy.
  • Content is the real magnet – it offers a reason for your potential customers to engage meaningfully with your website, and for your existing clients, it offers a reason to stick around. At Agnos, we offer superior content management services customized to the needs of your niche market.
  • Analytics and Reporting will tell you the effectiveness of everything we do. The analytics will display the significant KPIs reflecting the progress on your significant goals in real-time. We will assist you in every step of your customer acquisition journey, for we believe that your success is our success.

Let us fuel the growth of your business while drastically driving down your software development costs.

We will also increase your Agility and the Quality of your software.


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Let’s fuel the growth of your business- whether it's strategy, design, marketing, website, or mobile app development, you can find it all here at Agnos!

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