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Let us help you with your software development projects to deliver your goals of revenue growth, cost savings, and enhanced customer experience.

Over the past few years, the Travel and Transportation market has seen healthy growth. At the same time, the industry has seen challenges to build new revenue sources while improving customer personalization and satisfaction. Much of the innovation has been enabled by IT investment and digital transformation. Agnos, with its army of technology experts and software engineers, can help you plan and execute various stages of your IT strategy with the right blend of our people, processes and technologies.


Traditional IT approaches has resulted in Travel, Transportation and Hospitality companies facing challenges in meeting the demands of their customers such as:

These challenges include:

  • Linking business priorities with IT spend
  • High percentage of spend on “maintenance”
  • Inability to provide Competitive differentiation
  • The dominance of a select group of IT providers
  • Continued need for speed and agility
  • Competition for IT talent
Recent disruptions (e.g. aircraft delays, COVID-19) have provided additional challenges. A renewed focus on IT governance and the specific technology is needed to make sure momentum is not lost once the disruptions abate.

"With current business disruptions, companies will need to reduce IT spend while keeping important initiatives needed to build customer satisfaction and maintain profitability. The solution is a "Follow the Sun" software development platform that enables high-quality software to be quickly developed at a very low cost."
- Greg Hendricks

Agnos offers a business process-oriented approach to identify and cost-effectively deploy technology solutions for modernizing your traditional travel, transportation, or hospitality software development capabilities. Whether you are looking for advice in sourcing the fundamental operation systems or needing industry expertise and low-cost development to quickly develop solutions – Agnos can help.
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Here’s how we can help

  • Through deep industry experience:  Understand and adopt new technology perspectives and strategies for distribution, marketing, customer services, and procurement.
  • Using goal and business process techniques:  Focus technology spend on business priorities
  • Using our Low-Cost Development resources: quickly deploy internal and customer-facing technologies using our global software engineers and select partners.
  • Our IT Audit leverages automated business process modeling: to help you connect the dots across Strategy, Business and IT Processes, Applications, and Infrastructure to dramatically reduce technology spend and to achieve laser focus on critical business priorities.
  • We offer world-class software engineers: that can quickly develop software that is very high quality, but that is very low cost.

Why Agnos?

In this digital era, custom software development needs skilled professionals with a good grasp of the evolving technologies. It's imperative to identify specific user needs, select the right technology from the myriad of available options with precise technical specifications, and write code that is scalable and easy to maintain.

At Agnos we have an army of software engineers who can offer easy to manage, optimized, and affordable software solutions, using the latest technology. We value high quality and adopt Agile and DevOps in practice to offer flawless experiences while making sure the product reaches the market in time.

Here are a few compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We deliver customized software solutions across the globe for diverse clients from start-ups to big enterprises.
  • With deep domain know-how and in-depth technological expertise, we are capable enough to cater to the complex needs of our clients.
  • We carefully analyze your business requirements and technical challenges to offer you the most cost-effective, efficient, future-ready solutions.
  • We offer support all through the SDLC (software development life- cycle) from requirement analysis, software design, architecture, integration, quality assurance/testing, to maintenance.
  • We help you develop hybrid and native apps for Android and iPhone in addition to our cloud-based offerings.
  • We help you improve interoperability with new APIs and apps.
  • We can help you implement solutions based on prominent technologies like IoT, cybersecurity, wearables, AI, and machine learning for exceptional customer experiences.
  • We can help you develop and manage your web or mobile applications the way you need, whether it's low-cost external support, staff augmentation, continuous maintenance, enhancements, or more extensive projects.  
  • Our Gain Share Model offers assurance against our promises. Our deliverables are directly linked to our compensation. We believe in fair play and want our clients to pay for the actual performance and measurable results rather than glassy presentations.

Let’s fuel the growth of your business- whether it's Strategy, Design, Marketing, Website, or Mobile and Web Application Development.

You find it all here at Agnos!

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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos is a custom healthcare software development company with years of experience and state-of-the-art technology. Leveraging industry best practices, we deliver software that is built right the first time. Reach out to us today to know more.