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Since their inception in the 1960s, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have undergone significant transformations, and their evolution is far from over. So, what can we anticipate from the future landscape of electronic health records? According to a report by Grand View Research, the global EHR market was valued at $28.1 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $38.5 billion by 2030, rising at a CAGR of 4%. With continued market growth, we can anticipate emerging and recurring trends  

Electronic Medical Records & Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) Ruling

The CMS released its final rule on interoperability and patient access in early 2020. The primary objectives of this ruling were:

  • To ensure that patients have secure and easy access to their health information.
      • To enable the seamless exchange of electronic health data between payers, providers, and patients. 
      • To unleash the potential of data to improve the overall healthcare system.

    The CMS ruling on interoperability, combined with the rapid adoption of FHIR reshaped the landscape of the U.S. healthcare system. The main thrust was to put patients at the center of their healthcare journey, giving them more control over their health data. The EHR (Electronic Health Record) vendors were also pushed towards FHIR adoption, and the seamless integration of EHRs with FHIR-compliant APIs, which meant:
    • Healthcare providers can pull data from multiple sources, presenting a comprehensive view of a patient's history.
    • Data blocking issues, where providers or EHR vendors limit the accessibility and sharing of information, are addressed.
    • Health tech innovators can develop applications that pull data directly from EHRs, allowing for innovative solutions in patient care and health data management.

My Health Record App: A Patient app built by us

Agnos responded to interoperability and Patient access challenges negatively impacting Patient care outcomes, and addressed the CMS-9115-F ruling, by building the Agnos My Health Record App with the following features:

  • It complies with the CARIN Code of Conduct.
  • It is a progressive web application.
  • It can connect with any EHRs that are in use.
  • It follows the CMS rule.
  • It helps with patient engagement and retention with its user-friendly design.
  • It offers a great patient experience.
  • The app acts as a bridge between the patient and the Hospital / Medical service provider.
  • It can be used by medical service providers to brand it and use it as their own Interface.
  • Insurance companies can also benefit from this.

Learn more about our health record app from here.

Clients of Agnos and its Technology Partners

  • Specific  Services

  • EHR/EMR development services
  • Integration Services (E-prescription)
  • EHR Accelerators


EMR Development by Agnos 

At Agnos, we specialize in building custom healthcare software, especially EMR systems. We have extensive experience with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and HL7 v2, integration with Epic / Cerner, and CMS Blue Button 2.0. This aligns well with healthcare organizations that are taking initiatives to make their health applications speak FHIR, which would make it easier to integrate their system with any EMR or payor system.

    • Our case study, EMR for Hospital at Home, reflects how we built an entire EMR system for our client using the FHIR standard (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). This enabled seamless integration and interoperability between multiple healthcare systems and reduced patient intake and check-in times, and paperwork. We have also helped our clients integrate with E-prescription services for their patients, where clinicians were able to view the medications that were e-prescribed to their patients through the EMR portal, know about the medication interactions, and generate prescriptions for the electronically connected pharmacies. Whether you are in the business of providing medicines, drug-delivery devices, and support services for patients with difficult-to-treat diseases, or you are a big hospital or a small clinic, there is an opportunity for us to do business together.

  • Our interoperability implementations at CareCloud have been referenced by Google Cloud's Healthcare API teams. In fact, we can do custom software development for any specific needs your healthcare organization may have like referral optimization or reducing time for referral processing, etc. Check out our Client Case Study: CareCloud Video. We have spent the last 6 years helping Carecloud build its Practice Management and EMR solutions.

EMR Integration Services

    • Integrating one Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system with another, or with third-party applications, is crucial for seamless data exchange and improved patient care in today's digital healthcare ecosystem. EMR integrations can utilize data from various healthcare systems and devices offering numerous benefits including practice insights, threat notifications, video conferencing, enhanced billing, payment and scheduling services, and patient engagement tools, etc.

      • Agnos deployed its pro-Agile engagement and delivery models to help CareCloud overcome integration constraints to successfully implement patient experience solutions and integrate the existing systems with Breeze.

    • Agnos also has extensive experience in building systems that manage all the elements of bringing the clinic to the patient such as managing Patient Intake, Healthcare Insurance Eligibility Checks, Healthcare Insurance Authorization for Treatment, Appointment Setting, Patient Care Coordination, Caregiver Training, and Deployment for Home Visit, Telehealth/Caregiver Home Visit, Encounter Notes, Patient Experience Feedback, Healthcare Insurance Claims Submission and Remote Monitoring until the Health Outcome was accomplished.

  • We have also helped our clients integrate with E-prescription services for their patients, where clinicians were able to view the medications that were e-prescribed to their patients through the EMR portal, know about the medication interactions, and generate prescriptions for the electronically connected pharmacies.

EHR Accelerators

EHR accelerators are invaluable tools for healthcare organizations in their digital transformation journey. As the EHR landscape continues to evolve, accelerators will play an increasingly pivotal role in ensuring organizations can adapt quickly and efficiently.

At Agnos, we have built accelerators built on FHIR. We are adept in providing EHR Accelerator solutions to expedite the implementation, optimization, or integration of EHR systems thus assisting healthcare providers to swiftly transition to the digital platforms, ensuring improved patient care, enhanced operational efficiency, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Why Agnos?

    We started implementing FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) for our clients even before it was recognized and used commonly. We have built accelerators based on FHIR. Our internal data models are based on FHIR. We not only think in FHIR, but we also speak FHIR. Our interoperability implementations for a Multi-specialty EHR SaaS provider have been referenced by Google Cloud's Healthcare API teams.

    Our products are honored by the CARIN health alliance to achieve CMS Interoperability guidelines. We have Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. We developed and distributed a Practice Management Suite for a leading wound-care, home-health company, from scratch and rolled it out to 7 states in 1 year with a team of only 10 members.

    While healthcare organizations have the option to manage their EHR systems in-house, partnering with us can offer a range of benefits including enhanced patient care, improved operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

      • We bring in-depth knowledge from previous implementations and understand the challenges and nuances of EHR systems. We can anticipate potential pitfalls and have tried-and-tested solutions to address them.
      • We can ensure seamless integration and data sharing across platforms.
      • We can tailor solutions to fit the specific requirements of your organization.
      • We are well-versed with the local, state, and federal regulations and can ensure that your EHR system remains compliant.

      • We can help ensure that your EHR system stays up to date with the latest changes and innovations and scales with the organization.
      • While there is an initial investment, working with experts can result in long-term savings by avoiding common mistakes, reducing downtime, and ensuring efficient system operation.
      • We have insights into the latest trends and technologies in the healthcare IT space. Partnering with us can give healthcare organizations a competitive edge.

    • We are not here to make a quick buck but instead hope to evolve with your business and help you consistently meet the changing IT and business needs. We are in this together, as a team, and we feel that our top priority is your bottom line.

Tony Grassa

Senior Principal Systems Architect at CareCloud

Agnos has a strong leadership team; this team is useful when we were looking to seamlessly onboard consultants as our needs grew. We used Agnos in various short/long term projects and technical tasks; Agnos Consultants are very professional, technically proficient, flexible, and excelled in the execution.Tony Grassa


Adrian Martin

Director of Software Engineering, Platform at CareCloud

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Agnos and have nothing but praise for their technical expertise. Agnos consultants have provided many valuable contributions to our projects. Their professionalism and stalwart dedication to our ever-changing needs are some of the reasons we view Agnos as a trusted partner.Adrian Martin

Brad Mash

Brad Mash

Director Sales Americas at SITA

I have participated with Sam in many client meetings and he has the innate ability to establish positive, productive working relationships at the CXO level as well as supporting team members. Without reservation, I would recommend Sam and Agnos Inc. for a multitude of IT needs – Software and application development, and Web design and developm...Brad Mash


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