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In this era of Digital Darwinism, we help clients modernize their business, operating, and technology models to stay competitive.

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Is your business prepared for the massive disruption that lies ahead?

By 2025, global digital transformation spending is forecast to reach 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars (Statista). From creating frictionless customer experiences to the adoption of innovative business models, digital has completely disrupted the business landscape.

At Agnos, we assist you with all the components required for a meaningful digital transformation, blending our proven technology expertise and unique perspectives across industries to challenge the convention and create compelling experiences delighting customers and modernizing businesses. Remember, the technology decisions that the companies take today will determine their future path to growth.

Check out the software and IT consulting services we offer to help you become future-ready. 

Services We Offer

Business Advisory Services

What’s the right recipe for the success of your enterprise? How do you sync your operating model with your business idea and strategy?

We believe that a good strategy powered by an experienced management team that understands the nuances of business planning and execution leads to a successful business. We, at Agnos, can help you to build a robust business plan, sort out finances, help recruit a good team, assist you with an apt operating model, a sales & marketing strategy, and plug you into an extensive business & IT network to fine-tune and mobilize your offerings.

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Agnos Startup Services

IT Advisory Services

Looking for a selective strategic IT outsourcing alliance that can take your business forward in a predictable, scalable and reliable way?

Agnos can help you through the complex outsourcing landscape with a range of complementary service offerings that include IT and business process outsourcing advisory services, strategic sourcing, transition and vendor management and IT procurement services. Our practitioners can help you reduce business costs while enhancing agility and speed to the market.

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Agnos IT Advisory Services

Healthcare Cloud, Data Center and Infrastructure Services

Need a hand to design and implement an intelligent agile next-gen IT infrastructure with industry-leading resilience?

Highly flexible, scalable, secure, and responsive IT infrastructure is a top priority in the current business environment, and we can help you successfully integrate the latest IT infrastructure with your business operations. Agnos’ portfolio of IT infrastructure services includes a full spectrum of cloud/data services, end-user services, network technology services, and infrastructure outsourcing, colocation, and hosting services.

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Agnos IT Infrastructure Services

Healthcare Software Engineering, Development and Maintenance Services

Do you have an amazing app idea or a custom software development requirement, but are struggling to get the right team of developers on board?

Our army of specialized software engineers offers comprehensive custom software development services from an idea stage to the final product implementation and more, while helping you stay agile and innovation-oriented. We help you with everything from consulting, requirement analysis, strategizing, model creation, development, integration, quality assurance to maintenance.

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Agnos End-to-End Software Development

Healthcare Digital Agency Services

Do you fully understand your B2B customer journey? Are your goods and services easy to find where it matters most?

Let us help you focus your projects to deliver your goals of revenue growth, cost savings and enhanced customer experience.
Agnos, with its army of marketing experts and software engineers, can help you plan and execute various stages of your marketing strategy with the right blend of technological advances. Our experts can help you target and reach your intended audience at lower costs, in less time, leading to enhanced ROI. So, generate more qualified leads, close more deals, and inherit the art of becoming responsive to your clients’ needs, with Agnos.

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Agnos Application Optimization Services

IT Organization Design and Staffing

Are you struggling to find the ideal employees for your organization?

We can help you identify the "game changers" in your organization – special leaders in both business and IT – who have the vision and influence to start an IT Transformation. We identify, engage, and work with game-changers to develop a strategy and set an agenda that the rest of the organization can rally around. We work together with your team to detail the current state, create a compelling enterprise future vision, and develop a hypothesis for the sequencing of a gap closing plan.

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IT Organization Design and Staffing

Healthcare Enterprise Security Services

Did you know that the worldwide spending on information security products & services is forecasted to reach $170.4 billion in 2022 as per Gartner, Inc.?

As IT organizations continue to struggle to find the time and resources to adequately focus on ever-growing enterprise security risks, it is significant to find a trusted advisor like Agnos, who can help develop a comprehensive enterprise security strategy that considers the realities of client constraints such as budget limitations, skills gaps, and the rapidly changing security threat landscape.

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Agnos Enterprise Application Security Services

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