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Let Us Help You Build Intelligent Infrastructure that Can Foresee & Respond to the demands of healthcare critical success factors such as HIPAA, FHIR & PHI!

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Technology advances around Healthcare applications and infrastructure, especially cloud computing, intelligent automation, big data, blockchain, machine learning, and software-defined infrastructure are compelling Healthcare enterprises to be more responsive to the marketplace. Software as a Service and Next-Generation Data Centres are touted as the Holy Grail of present and future IT.

Even though this is true, however, critical to leveraging these new technologies is assessing and aligning technical and business capabilities around related Healthcare IT processes, organizational design, and operating models. When done correctly, these changes can help Healthcare enterprises significantly drive down costs, improve business agility, enhance efficiency and service levels, and bring new products to the market faster.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Capabilities & Resources: Create an infrastructure capabilities map, conduct an organizational skills readiness and resource availability assessment, and suggest ways to enhance current capabilities and resources.
  • Directional Strategy: Develop a "to be" directional strategy, optimized end-state infrastructure organizational design and operating model, business case, and detailed road map that considers all viable sourcing options (whether to outsource or optimize in-house processes) and vendor strategies.
  • Expertise: Offer expertise in emerging technologies like software-defined everything, open-source, DevOps, IoT, and more for all of your Cloud and IT infrastructure needs –be it data center transformation, cloud migration, workplace transformation, network modernization, and system integration.
  • Risk Management: Assess your infrastructure risks around privacy, regulation, security, compliance (e.g., PCI, HIPAA compliance), and outsourcing options.
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing and Managed Services: Conduct transition planning and program management for outsourcing and managed services. Establish vendor management and governance processes for infrastructure outsourcing and managed services in addition to the term sheet, contract negotiations, and contract drafting.

Data Center Optimization Services

We help you explore the possibility of updating your Data Center. We help you analyze the business and IT impacts of expanding to a new facility, shrinking your IT footprint, updating your existing data center, or looking to consolidate data centers. We will be there to help identify engineering issues, streamline processes, and build strategies that will minimize your risk and financial loss. We will help you assess the emergency impact of data center outages. We diagnose overburdened power and cooling systems. We help address the overwhelming number and expenses of data centers and the chaos from a disjointed data center strategy. When we complete our analysis collaborating with your team, there is a thorough understanding of your data center’s true technical, business, and financial current state. There is an accurate analysis of potential options for short and long-term cost savings. Our future state and roadmap deliverables highlight a strategy that meets all your business and IT requirements. It is a comprehensive, unbiased, strategic roadmap to implement changes with significant tangible benefits (e.g., Cash Flow, IRR, etc.) and intangible benefits (operational excellence, business agility, etc.).

Cloud Services

We comprehensively assess our client's applications and infrastructure to determine potential cloud opportunities, define a target application and infrastructure architecture, and develop road maps given the current people, process, and technology constraints. We develop a cloud strategy that aligns with business imperatives and defines the target cloud architecture, implementation roadmaps and business cases, and IT organizational design and operating model for the target future state.

We build and seamlessly integrate your cloud services (private or public) and legacy data center environments to create, integrated, managed, end-to-end capability. We transform infrastructure to a virtualized, automated, service-based model and leverage strategic alliances with partners such as Microsoft, Google, and others to exploit opportunities around Platform as a Service (PAAS), Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and other cloud services options.

Data Center Managed Services

Agnos and its strategic alliance partners bring a global network of highly skilled professionals with unparalleled ability to provide integrated staff-augmentation services or even fully managed data center hosting services.

We help clients map out and implement a data center solution that employs market-leading technologies and processes, including managing processes and applications as a business service, virtualizing all layers of the technology stack, and logically pooling data center resources.

Besides, we also help in developing service-oriented infrastructures with automated processes that trigger provisioning based on capacity and service-level objectives, and in creating an integrated operations framework that is proactive and predictive.

Network Technology Services

We optimize networks in a secure and operationally efficient way to improve the performance of critical applications, reduce risks, and support critical business needs. We can help you with a full range of strategy and engineering services—from business case development to design, and deployment, to ongoing operations.

We help you reduce network complexity, implement wireless solutions, manage telecom expenses, and as a result, reduce costs, and improve network efficiency. We offer cost-effective, stable, responsive, and reliable network infrastructure through outsourcing and assume full responsibility for network-related functions, including network management, telephony management, and IP contact center management.

Infrastructure Outsourcing, Colocation, and Hosting Services

Agnos provides ongoing management of a client's IT infrastructure capabilities or functions. We provide discrete skills (Staff Augmentation) as well as fully-managed services (Managed Services) where we take responsibility for holistically managing the infrastructure services offered to the business. Clients benefit from a cost-effective, secure, and responsive infrastructure that scales and adapts to their business needs.

Vital to our infrastructure outsourcing approach is infrastructure transformation capabilities where we leverage best in class methodologies, tools, seasoned practitioners, strategic alliance partners, and our global delivery network to first transform your infrastructure before we agree to run it. We do not subscribe to a "your mess for less" delivery run model which we have seen fail many times. Instead, we believe in first optimizing the infrastructure that we will carefully run for you to ensure we keep your costs as low as possible.

Why Agnos?

We, at Agnos, can help you with our deep experience across a diverse portfolio of outsourcing engagements helping you achieve a competitive edge in the market using the latest technology advancements. We understand the market dynamics, the security concerns, and the vendor lock-in issues when outsourcing, and hence, we have policy frameworks in place to cover that. With third party engagements, we ensure a vendor risk management program is in place before we proceed.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We have highly experienced IT staff that managed complex infrastructure portfolios and can help you assess and adapt your organization's capabilities to address capacity and demand management.
  • We have seasoned veterans who can help make C-level stakeholders aware of the challenges of your current state, the realistic possibilities of an improved future state, and the roadmap baked in your firm's reality around constraints.
  • We, along with our strategic alliance partners, have the capabilities to speed up the physical to virtual transformations of your entire infrastructure. We leverage the skills and cost advantages of our Global Delivery Network to reduce delivery costs.
  • We can help you assess the risk of business disruption, given the current state of your infrastructure portfolio.
  • Our “Gain Share Model” ensures the delivery of the business outcomes you seek. We want you to pay us as little as minimally required upfront and then pay a fair amount for performance received and not just promised.
  • We are not here to make a quick buck but instead hope to evolve with your business and help you consistently meet the changing IT and business needs. We are in this together, as a team, and we sincerely feel that our top priority is your bottom line.


Venture into the new era of IT infrastructure, and maximize ROI on your technology investments with us.

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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos is a healthcare IT infrastructure services company with a workforce that possesses deep industry and technical skills to help you create a cost-effective and reliable healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling high performance. Together, let’s build service organizations that not just drive innovation, but also responds timely to business threats.