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Healthcare Software Engineering, Development and Maintenance Services

Delivering Customized, Innovative, Intelligent Software Solutions to Build a Better Connected Health Across the World!

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Agnos offers robust & scalable custom software development services across varied platforms and industry verticals. We’re pioneers in developing next-gen software enabling businesses to get a competitive edge in the market by building result-oriented, reliable, and optimized end-to-end web and mobile solutions. From an idea to a high-quality website or an app– we make the entire software lifecycle development journey a smooth ride for you.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Requirements & Resources:
    Create a software requirements map and resource availability assessment and suggest ways to enhance current capabilities and resources. We can also conduct requirement analyses from business stakeholders and SMEs.
  • UI/UX Design & Prototyping: Using our vast pool of creative designers, we can create designs and sustainable prototypes of software to ensure a satisfying user experience.
  • Efficient Software Development: We have expertise in emerging technologies like FHIR, software-defined everything, open-source, DevOps, IoT, and more for all of your Cloud and IT infrastructure needs –be it data center transformation, cloud migration, workplace transformation, network modernization, and system integration.
  • Quality assurance: To ensure functional, ready-for-deployment software.
  • Deployment, Maintenance, and Support: To ensure that you have a complete experience that can serve its purpose for a long time.

Enterprise Architecture

We will work with you to define the vision, principles, standards, and roadmap to guide the prioritization, operations, and management of technologies and systems. We will help you build a Connected Health Enterprise that elevates architecture in strategic importance to orchestrate the organization’s digital and innovation agenda. We will help you focus beyond managing IT assets to also better align them with the business. We will help you identify the current state of your organization, envision the desired target state, and determine the necessary transition states in between. We will work with you to define the needed capabilities—processes, organization, application, technology/infrastructure, data, and other architecture views—to ensure every product supports the overall business objectives.

Software Engineering as a Service (SEaaS)

We will either fully or partially assume responsibility for the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and integration of your systems. We can work as Staff Augmentation to your team or serve you as a Scrum/Feature Team. Either way, we always work with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test, and integrate systems. Like Cloud Computing, we can scale our team up or down to meet your needs. Our team "follows the sun" so we can align our world-class technology team resources with your team regardless of geography or time zone since we have offices from Australia to Ukraine to the United States to Argentina, and many more offices and team members in surrounding countries.

We can also help you with COTS/Package Implementation as our proven approach is end-to-end, starting with choosing the right solution by objectively evaluating requirements for integration, interfaces, data conversion, migration, and post-go-live production support. We leverage best-in-class accelerators and tools for data conversion, testing, and interface building. We can also help you with Platform/Product Upgrades using a structured methodology and standardized tools to simplify the platform/product upgrade process on-premises or in the cloud.

With proven capabilities, our experts help you complete the upgrade faster, with lower IT cost and business risk. Similarly, we can help you with Portals and Content Management. We offer enterprise portal solutions that encompass web information portals, e-commerce portals, and knowledge/information portals. Standardized, proven integration with enterprise applications (enterprise resource planning/supply chain management), security, and management solutions help ensure we’re serving the content you demand. Also, we can help you with System Integration Services which are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms such as the cloud and virtual servers, our solutions can be readily adapted for future requirements.

We also bring Healthcare subject matter experts with deep-dive Healthcare industry domain expertise as we feel this is a critical success factor. We also can help you with Mobile Application Development as we offer a portfolio of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers. Our delivery services reinvent the way you design and develop custom mobile applications—from UI design and testing to data integration and security.

Agile Coaching and Software Development Transformation

We can objectively assess and improve your current state of agile maturity and adoption. We will help you accelerate the realization of business goals through streamlined software delivery. We will help you improve your software development team's quality and velocity with applied learning from coaches and technical mentors. We will help you enhance delivery efficiency by upskilling developers on leading-edge software development practices. We have a proven plan of attack:

1) Assessing: Understanding your organization’s current maturity, goals, and motivations.
2) Designing: Building upon your strengths to determine your ideal path.
3) Developing: Building out your organization’s capabilities, knowledge, and craftsmanship.
4) Operationalizing: Facilitating the incremental implementation of sustainable changes in culture, processes, and technology.
5)  Adjusting: Redirecting efforts based on the outcomes of each change cycle.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

We will help you rethink how you build and test Healthcare applications, moving away from testing as a standalone function at the far end of the development cycle to embedding quality throughout. Our Healthcare Quality Engineering services are designed to power speed, quality, and productivity with intelligence and an insights-driven approach. Whether you want to bring new software to market at a faster clip or transform your testing function and workforce—we have the right skills and capabilities to help you succeed. Our goal? To make sure applications don’t just ‘work’ but deliver a differentiated user experience. We do this with cutting-edge technologies, modern engineering practices, and proprietary assets.

We offer the complete range of Healthcare Quality Engineering services for a broad array of client needs—across digital, custom, packaged, and emerging tech applications—to increase speed and agility to market while providing differentiated user experiences. We merge deep Healthcare industry expertise with QA intellectual property and innovation, supported by compelling partnerships and vibrant communities. Agnos connects QA outcomes closely to business outcomes by elevating QA from application quality to the business process. Our Business process-aligned QA solutions are built on our industry knowledge and library of domain test assets, that address your business objectives. We collaborate with your team to execute User Acceptance end-to-end testing of your applications that assures quality for the end-user and an amazing User Experience. Our Testing Services include assurance for new technologies and standards like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and FHIR, to name a few, that ensure compliance and regulatory adherence and enable Connected Health.


We will help you automate the processes between software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops), to build, test, and release Healthcare software faster and more reliably. We can help you deliver higher-quality, more reliable Healthcare software at a faster pace, resulting in accelerated time to market, improved experience for customers, and increased revenue opportunities for an organization. Through enhanced collaboration and communication, we speed up the development and delivery processes, while delivering features, fixes, and updates. Our DevOps tools bridge the communications gap between developer teams and IT operations, to quickly deliver tools that best match the needs of both the customer and the business.

Though most of the QA activities are automated in continuous testing, the code still needs to be manually signed-off from one quality gate to another based on test results. We can use AI to complete the task of checking-off code at quality gates, making this process autonomous. We can pass or fail code progression, creating a fully automated workflow. We can promote the code or shut down features with a high probability of causing application outage or production defects. We use both automated and manual processes to Predict root causes. We use Triaging or identifying the root cause of a defect. We review patterns and correlations both manually and automated to trace defects to root causes, with the intelligent automation triggering remedial tests before the code progresses. We use human and machine learning to make judgment calls, so the margin of error is significantly reduced.

The bottom line is that we will help you avoid production failures with application workflow orchestration and similarly accelerate your Software Development Life Cycle. We will help your business become more Agile by using our deep DevOps expertise to help your organization accelerate application delivery.We will help you identify the tools that you need, help you bring all the right technologies together successfully, help you align the right people, and process to align IT Agility with Business Agility.

Application Optimization & Performance Engineering Services

We offer full-cycle performance engineering services and proprietary frameworks that accelerate and optimize testing processes. We offer expertise in databases, high-volume transaction systems, and related technologies. On-demand performance analysts and architects to improve product performance. We provide on-demand capacity planning and sizing assistance. We bring expertise in proprietary, open-source, and third-party tools. We can help you measure availability, response time, and user satisfaction from a single control point across geographical locations. We can monitor four standardized golden signals (latency, errors, traffic, and saturation) across all types of technologies to quickly identify the root causes of a problem. We will automate the discovery and visualization of app dependencies. We will visually identify problems in Kubernetes clusters with a dynamic view of nodes, pods, and containers correlated to activity in the cluster.

We also offer end-to-end performance testing solutions including load, stress, endurance, and crash testing to analyze the readiness of systems in achieving performance goals. We will provide deep insights on the health and performance of the products to address a potential issue proactively, before it becomes an incident. We will identify the performance goals and analyze the existing systems to detect issues or bottlenecks. We will enable businesses to stay competitive by developing effective capacity planning strategies that suit specific needs envisaging the future. We can provide effective monitoring of the entire cloud infrastructure - the applications, VM and the hypervisor layer at the same time. We specialize in mobile application architecture for enhanced device performance and network variability, assessing the economic, functional, and technical viability of each critical healthcare application.

Application Migration and Modernization Services

By evaluating healthcare applications on a standard basis for overlapping, redundant and missing functionality, and on technical and economic viability, we can help your business define a road map for achieving high performance through proactive portfolio evolution and management. The result is a segmented, logical, affordable, and achievable plan that specifies Healthcare application disposition—to decommission, remediate, re-platform, consolidate or enhance Healthcare applications. We go beyond application evaluation—we recognize that sustaining high performance is dependent on a well-run process that establishes a rigorous governance and portfolio management discipline.

We use a two-phased approach: portfolio strategy and portfolio evolution/management. Portfolio strategy comprises three high-level steps, while portfolio evolution and management typically occur in parallel. We will document your organization's business context, direction, and imperatives. We will assess the current environment. We will create a business capability blueprint mapped to Healthcare applications- determining the required organizational and process modifications, determining application dispositions, evaluating sourcing options, developing a road map that contains actionable implementation plans, and finalizing the "Value Case". Through our assessment, we will find opportunities to retire (sunset) an application or decommission a framework, port an application from one technical platform to another, improve code quality, developer productivity and overall reliability of applications, to change the existing application by decommissioning it and replacing it with either a package or custom-built system, provide the system with a new interface (at the presentation, application or data tier) or to expand the functionality of the application.

Emerging Technologies

We have invested heavily in delivering the value of Healthcare blockchain. Today, we help our customers create enterprise Healthcare blockchain solutions from scratch as well as integrate enterprise IT ecosystems into external blockchains. We can help you embed artificial intelligence (AI) into business operations and processes. We help our clients redefine the value equation by combining AI with our deep Healthcare domain expertise. We'll help you transform business models using machine learning, find new patterns, redefine knowledge work using natural language understanding, build AI models using open source and leading-edge tools, deploy AI models with your apps, monitor and measure AI models to promote trust and explainability, and speed time to value with your data science projects on a data and AI platform.

We will assist you in designing and implementing big data analytics solutions that allow transforming raw data into valuable insights and making informed business decisions. We will help you leverage the latest technology stacks from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Web Services to implement Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra, and other frameworks. We'll help you with the proper design, planning, and governance required for Robotic Process Automation empowering you to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher-value work.

Why Agnos?

We, at Agnos, can help you with our deep experience across a diverse portfolio of outsourcing engagements helping you achieve a competitive edge in the market using the latest technology advancements. We understand the market dynamics, the security concerns, and the vendor lock-in issues when outsourcing, and hence, we have policy frameworks in place to cover that. With third party engagements, we ensure a vendor risk management program is in place before we proceed.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to choose us over any other service providers:

  • We have highly experienced IT staff that managed complex infrastructure portfolios and can help you assess and adapt your organization's capabilities to address capacity and demand management.
  • We have seasoned veterans who can help make C-level stakeholders aware of the challenges of your current state, the realistic possibilities of an improved future state, and the roadmap baked in your firm's reality around constraints.
  • We, along with our strategic alliance partners, have the capabilities to speed up the physical to virtual transformations of your entire infrastructure. We leverage the skills and cost advantages of our Global Delivery Network to reduce delivery costs.
  • We can help you assess the risk of business disruption, given the current state of your infrastructure portfolio.
  • Our Gain Share Model ensures the delivery of the business outcomes you seek. We want you to pay us as little as minimally required upfront and then pay a fair amount for performance received and not just promised.
  • We aren’t here to make a quick buck but instead hope to evolve with your business and help you consistently meet the changing IT and business needs. We are in this together, as a team, and we sincerely feel that our top priority is your bottom line.


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Based in Miami, FL, Agnos is a healthcare custom software development and services company with a workforce that possesses deep industry and technical skills to help you create a cost-effective and reliable healthcare software solutions, enabling high performance. Together, let’s build software solutions and service organizations that not just drive innovation, but also responds timely to business threats.