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Learn how Agnos helped a specialty care provider improve its ability to enable automated access to all types of medical images and patient information by automating various processes to create an aggregated patient record.

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Agnos assisted the client in offering its healthcare providers a comprehensive platform where hardware and software are perfectly aligned to make their practice more profitable, modern, and efficient.

Patients and their doctors suffer from the painful process of aggregating all of a patient’s clinical records when urgent treatment is needed for a chronic illness like heart disease or cancer. These chronic diseases sometimes require dangerous procedures like a heart transplant or high risk completely invasive surgery like that required to remove a brain tumor. How can physicians, especially surgeons, treating a patient with a chronic illness get all the comprehensive patient healthcare information needed to provide the best care to that patient?

  • The client is a commercial healthcare information exchange medium that offers easy access to medical data, allowing caregivers to concentrate on their patients.
  • The client provides services to hospitals, and providers and provides easy access to past medical records for new patients by collecting the records from the patients, digitizing the records, indexing the records, and making the records easily searchable for the caregivers.
  • Clinical teams may access, share, and send medical imaging results to any associated institution with a simple click.

Problem Statement

Without one comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, the wrong medicine can be prescribed, patient allergies might not be considered, and previous childhood illnesses that caused permanent damage to internal organs may not be contemplated. How does a surgeon challenged with complex brain surgery to remove a tumor from a patient's brain or faced with the challenge of implanting a much-needed new heart mitigate as much risk as possible by having a comprehensive and complete view of a patient's medical history?

  • The challenge is that a patient's information is scattered across a patient’s many different doctors, many different Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and the many different geographies where that patient was treated.
  • Complete or detailed information about the patients wasn't kept up to date or handled properly.
  • Scaling the operations was challenging due to the multiple applications.
  • Internal applications were largely monolithic and constructed using outdated technology.
  • Manual processing was required to rank cases by priority and assign them to different team members.

Proposed Solution

Agnos helped a specialty care provider improve its ability to enable automated access to all types of medical images and patient information by automating various processes to create an aggregated patient record. The work that Agnos and this specialty care provider did together helped improve the ability to capture missing health information when patients desperately needed life-saving surgery.
  • The task management system (TMS) was developed with several business rules that control the creation, assignment, and prioritization of tasks.
  • Azure cloud services were chosen since the previous internal apps were built using Microsoft technologies.
  • Serverless architecture for easier scaling with event-based communication between services.
  • Micro-frontend unified user interface that replaces the need to switch between multiple applications for day-to-day tasks.
  • A queue-based approach that automatically prioritizes work items for the day and automatically assigns the work items to team members.

Business Outcome

  • The result of this team effort was a reduction in the typical delay that doctors faced in treating chronically ill patients due to a delay in retrieving records from all their previous medical providers.
  • The burden of locating, requesting, and organizing medical records, images, and pathology slides from clinical staff at all these various medical providers was greatly reduced.
  • Repeated tests and rescheduled appointments due to the non-availability of previous medical records were also reduced resulting in a much better patient experience and reduced cost for the health insurance company paying for the patient's claims.
  • Improvements were seen in the ability to get pathology slides to the right place for a second opinion in an efficient and safe manner.
  • Well-informed and competent clinical decisions.
Having one comprehensive view of each patient enables this Agnos customer to partner with pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and academic medical institutions to conduct important clinical studies. It has improved care in HIE regions and communities because clinical teams can view, share, and transfer medical imaging studies with any connected site in the HIE using a single click. An image-enabled HIE positively impacts patient care and addresses administrative burdens faced by hospitals, imaging centers, and medical practices. Patient outcomes were improved due to expediting the availability of imaging studies that clinical teams need to access to diagnose and create treatment plans for patients. Costs were reduced by optimizing workflows to eliminate the time and materials involved with burning, QA testing, and transferring requested imaging studies via CD.

Why Agnos?

  • We have a significant amount of contributions in the Healthcare field.
    • We have built patient-facing Applications.
    • We have developed provider-facing applications for both single-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals.
    • We have built applications for SaaS vendors.
    • We have provided Enterprise healthcare solutions for medical practices.
    • We have built the payer version of the Patient App in collaboration with a company.
  • Some of our expertise worth mentioning
    • We have extensive experience with FHIR and also HL7 v2, integration with Epic / Cerner, and CMS Blue Button 2.0.
    • We have experience in implementing FHIR using GraphQL.
    • We have experience in using HAPI (Health API).
    • We have experience in implementing FHIR using the cloud (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS).
  • Our founders have experience and expertise in two significant domains namely Business Consulting and Engineering. They can assist you with all your business needs.
  • Global turn-key teams to complete around-the-clock business and engineering coverage (Miami-based with teams in the rest of the US, South America, Europe, and India).
  • We are fiercely independent and transparent and give back to our customers in the form of service credits and any form of compensation we may receive from our strategic alliance partners. Based on our Gain Share model, we don't make money unless you realize the desired business outcomes we collaborate with you to define.
  • We started implementing FHIR for our clients even before it was recognized and used commonly.
  • We have built accelerators based on FHIR. Our internal data models are based on FHIR.
  • Our interoperability implementations at CareCloud have been referenced by Google Cloud's Healthcare API teams
  • Our products are honored by the CARIN health alliance to achieve CMS Interoperability guidelines.
  • We have Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

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