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Social Media Marketing: Boon or Bane | Agnos

Published on September 08, 2021


Today, being well-connected with one’s customers serves as the biggest edge for companies in a competitive environment. How well your product and services sell depends on how much your target audience knows and relates to your brand. One of the biggest ways brands achieve this loyalty is through a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy.

Earlier, even though marketing means like print media advertisements did serve the purpose but they came at the cost of high investment and low or no returns. The advent of the internet led to the discovery of several low-cost and high-return marketing platforms, social media being the most significant of them all. It opened doors to a world of innovation, broke geographical barriers of communication, and gave industries the liberty to dream bigger. Brands started slow on platforms like Facebook and YouTube but rapidly took over widely used apps like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. 

However, a greater section of the market also believes that social media has left the brands too exposed to the opinion of their audience. With the ever-increasing content consumers, it is becoming difficult for brands to keep a track of what exactly their audiences are looking for and most of all keeping track of the ‘what’s trending?’ It has led to a certain level of distraction in strategy making and implementation, given the varying responses.  

Nevertheless, the companies continue to leverage multiple social media platforms to create awareness and interact with their audience, bringing us to the question, Is Social Media a Boon or a Bane?


To have a deeper understanding, let’s have a detailed look into the workings of each of the above mentioned social media platforms:


During the initial days of social media’s glory, YouTube was considered one of the most accessed and entertaining platforms. With over two billion-plus active subscribers, YouTube is home to a huge user base, which if harnessed well by brands, can make a huge difference. Even though your audience might not be concentrated on YouTube, it is the second largest search engine, thus, having a robust YouTube marketing strategy can improve your SEO and brand presence on the internet. 


Until very recently, businesses did not see much potential in TikTok for marketing. However, with the pandemic, TikTok’s popularity gained momentum making it one of the best platforms to reach the real gen-z customers. In addition, the increasing demand for bite-sized content that is short but information-heavy at the same time also pushed the companies to leverage the platform. Several companies have recently started adventuring into the nuances of what a 15-seconds long video can do to their business. Influencer marketing is yet another great way for industries like Ed-tech, IT, fashion, food, and health to upscale their reach. Features such as Live are making it easier for brands to stay in touch with their audiences on a day-to-day basis.

That said, the pros of reaching a younger generation may be many, but there are also certain cons of digital marketing on TikTok. Several market studies claim that compared to other social media platforms, TikTok has creative limitations when it comes to posting content and is also not very budget-friendly. So even though startups might have a great chance at high engagement here, the possibility of pocket burn causes them to avoid TikTok.


Started as a platform for employees and human resources to connect seamlessly for hiring, LinkedIn today has become one of the biggest places for corporate connect. Over the years, LinkedIn has proved itself as the most versatile and productive place for brands to market themselves, especially B2B. Features like polls, job postings, and much more have helped companies test the waters more accurately. Recently, companies have also started putting up original content in the form of podcasts and website articles to gain traction. 


Including Facebook in your marketing mix is probably a must for your digital marketing strategy today. Its familiar UI, ease of access, and popularity among multiple age groups come in handy for businesses while sending out ads and company-related content. It is known to have the widest and the most cost-effective audience reach among all the other social media platforms. Although, the emergence of Instagram and Twitter has dialed down the traffic on Facebook, leading to a shift of attention. 


With one of the most unconventional business models, Twitter has seeped in as an important element of digital marketing for most organizations with creative inclinations. Simple bite-sized content that is relevant to the ongoing discussion can change the game for businesses. Now and then businesses are found sparking important discourses on Twitter, which not only fuels engagement but also creates awareness. 


Instagram stands as one of the most youth-oriented social media platforms after TikTok. For brands that have a younger audience or aspires to attract them, Instagram is the right place. It has one of the most variant features ranging from video to written content availability. It also allows businesses to keep track of the everyday analytics and algorithms, making it easier to map out the company growth. 


While the debate of social media being a bane or a boon is never-ending, the advantages of social media marketing are heavier. The right resource allotment and expertise set aside especially for the task of digital marketing can help enterprises harness the power of these platforms. Agnos, a digital service provider helps companies achieve this online stability with their team of seasoned digital media experts. Their focus remains on timely project delivery while taking a cost-saving approach. The digital marketing space is ever-evolving and your digital agency is required to be agile with the dynamic market trends, and be adept in blending technology appropriately with the marketing strategies.

At Agnos, our army of marketing experts works hard on not only knowing you but your customers also to the core, to custom make your social media strategy that suits you the best.

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