EMR for Hospital at Home Case Study

How Agnos helped the Client to deliver an exceptional Electronic Medical Record System(EMR)

Our client is a distributed medical practice that provides healthcare services to patients at their homes, enhancing quality of life and minimizing barriers to accessing the best medical care.

In partnership with Agnos, the client was able to achieve below:

  • Patient intake & check-in time reduced by 15- 20 mins.
  • Reduced paperwork saving staff time by 10-15mins for each patient.
  • View the medications that were e-prescribed through the EMR portal.
  • Faster searches built with a search engine, also used for de-duplication.
  • Patients are now able to fill in all required forms through their mobile device, which get directly uploaded to many different EHR (Electronic Health Record) system.
  • The system also helps accomplish the Quadruple Aim by reducing manual tasks, automatically scanning, and adding referrals, as well as automatically updating patient records.

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